Want to experience something beyond magical at Disneyland? Then you'll want to check out the exclusve Disneyland Secret club members at Club 33. The only problem? It's a private club and is a secret feature located on 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square.

It's like a speakeasy bar, since hundreds of people walk by it everyday without noticing its entrance.

The door to enter is marked by its address plate with the number 33.

The club was envisioned by Walt Disney himself, who wanted a place to host special guests like celebrities, politicians, and other VIPs.

Completed in May of 1967, it was and is today exclusively reserved for members and their guests.

There's a 14-year waiting list for new memberships. Here's Vanessa Hudgens talking about it:

It was cost corporate members $40,000 for an initiation fee, and annual fees of about $12,000. Individual members pay $27,000 for initiation fees. It's not opened to public and the folks in there are treated as VIPs.

This is what dining in Club 33 looks like:

Everything has a Club 33 engraving on it.

There's a five to six course dinner menu with specialty dishes too.

Check out the video below:

Here's taking a look at the menu:

Even Mickey and Minnie are there to greet you.

This is a secret balcony for guests to overlook the peasants on the street.

Here's a tour of it: