Each generation can be defined by the gadgets, or technology that were in widespread use at that time. Here are some 21 of them coming from an era that may not be familiar to the younger generation these days. They've seen them, but only on the Internet....

1. Having enough change to make a call

2. Hearing "You've got mail."

3. Adjusting the antenna for a less snowy picture

4. This thing:

5. Searching library index cards for book locations

6. Searching through a heavy encyclopedia for your homework and research

7. Waiting for film to develop

8. Floppy discs

9. Getting your books stamped at the library

10. Old school maps

11. Waiting for a year for your favorite movie to be available

12. Looking at the newspapers for movie times

13. Playing these games

14. A rotary phone.

15. Early projectors

16. Recording your favorite songs off the radio

17. Recording TV programs

18. TV guides existed back then

19. This stereoscopic 3D toy that made still images come to life

20. Portable audio.

21. Our childhood crushes.