Here are some children's books that are kind of questionable. From the title of the books to its contents, could they actually be inappropriate? After all, kids can't tell the difference...yet. Either way, I'm not letting my kids anywhere near these! Check them out below:

1. Well..that explains a lot.

2. Because there's a monster somewhere?

3. They could have used a different name.

4. What is your dirty mind thinking about?

5. I'm not sure how to answer this question.

6. Animals. Hmph.

7. Teaching kids "the walk of shame"?

8. Body positive image wasn't big back then.

9. This is deep.

10. Omg, this is so racist.

11. Explaining the birds and bees to your kids.

12. Oh Winnie, what do we have here?

13. Again, this is only dirty because of your imagination.

14. What a story!

15. This title and illustration contributes to a scary thought.

16. It's just about lending a hand. Or is it?

17. Obviously, not something you'll read to kids.

Here's a dramatic reading from Samuel L. Jackson: