What do you buy your significant other when they've already got "everything"? Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie just bought Brad Pitt Petra Island, a heart-shaped island off the coast of New York.

The unconfirmed sale, which The Daily Mail believes could be in honor of Pitt's upcoming 50th birthday has a home that was designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The $12.2 million purchase wouldn't be a surprise considering the two have given each other lavish gifts of equivalent before.

Petra Island is 11 acres and has a guest cottage and main house:

The house is surrounded by 200-year-old beech trees, built using incomplete Frank Lloyd Wright plans.

The house melds modern design with its natural surroundings.

This is the upper deck looking out over the water.

The living room.

The foyer has a 12-foot-high by 60-foot-wide rock sprawling through the hallway. The rooms have a helluva view.

You get there by helicopter. Just 15 minutes only.