There are tons of ways to be productive at work. From keeping to-do lists, to organizing your desks, and more, new research is suggesting you take more breaks instead. The idea: Relax for 17 minutes for every 52 minutes.

Productivity will dip when you start working endlessly without taking a break.

According to a study, sitting around all day can increase your risk of an early death.

Dying from work is a real thing, fellas.

There have been many stories of people who've, sadly, died at their desks.

Working non-stop isn't cute or a good strategy.

Moreover, if your office is noisy, you're likely to feel more stress and...physical pain!

According to new research, 10% of employees who work the hardest don't put in more hours.

They're actually taking breaks!

That means being the brute-force kinda worker doesn't pay off.

So what do we do?

Latvia-based social networking company the Draugiem Group tracked their employees' habits and found the most productive work for 52 minutes at a time is followed by a luxurious 17 minute break.

So the answer to being more productive: work very hard, very fast, then step away to take a break.