The claim that multitasking is the panacea to productivity-related problems is hogwash. Because, in truth, focusing on something is far better than multitasking. Here are 5 things people who multitask will come to understand

1. Distraction can be useful when you are stuck on an idea

Because, deadlines!

While it is true, you can get inspiration for something when you take your mind off it for a while, you can't really get on it unless you go into full swing.

2. Doing a little bit of something is better than not doing anything at all

It should count as something, right?

That's true. It may help you get something started, but it won't help you finish it at all.

3. You line up all the things that you need to do

This button, then this button, then this button.

The good thing about faux multitasking is that you actually sort of create a to-do list for yourself. The only other hurdle is remembering them.

4. You seem to get some things done, but actually, nothing gets done

You're really not getting anything done.

Your bits and pieces, your 'here and theres' all amount to work-not-done yet. It was great if you needed a way to kickstart something, but focus now and complete whatever you are working on.

5. You figure out the truth: multitasking doesn't exist

Time to get organized.

Can multitasking truly exist? You can't really do two things at once, if you plan to do good or great work.

Stay focused!