Another day, another impressionable youngster earning 15 seconds of fame after snapping a pic with the biggest diva on the planet. The photoboming incident reportedly took place last Saturday during a Beyoncé concert being held in Melbourne, Australia.

It wasn't long before the gif went viral on Tumblr. And now, the 15-year-old who posed with Beyoncé is finally ready to share her side of “THE TRUTH” behind that epic photo. She writes:
Okay so as most of the people that have recently followed me i have been the girl that got her selfie ”photobombed” by Beyonce when in fact i asked her for the photo so she posed and smiled as the perfect person she is!

just thought i’d clear the air haha
The teen then provided a link to YouTube footage of the performance, where she can clearly be seen asking the singer to pose for a picture.