'Selfies at funerals' is the last selfie you'll see before you die. It's the latest despressing trend that's gaining momentum among self absorbed teenagers which involves uploading pictures of themselve complete with deranged captions like "love my hair today, hate why I'm dressed up" and the hashtag "#funeral."

So why is it trending? Brooklyn-based editor Jason Feifer who created the popular Tumblr page thinks this might have to do with the fact that today's teens are totally disengaged with the reality of death.

Back in the day, most Americans died in their home, where their bodies would remain for several days. The corpse would be taken care of by the entire family until the day of the funeral. With the funeral industry introducing more modern death practices, today's kids have absolutely no clue on how to process death without seeking comfort on cyberspace. Now that's what we consider a real tragedy.

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