An engagement ring is more than an item you wear every day. It is a symbol of the commitment made between two people to love, cherish, and honor one another. This ring should be as unique as the person wearing it, but finding a ring like this can be challenging.

Men and women have another option today. When buying this jewelry, you may wish to design your own engagement ring. Doing so ensures you get a piece that reflects the personality of your significant other and one that truly symbolizes your love story. Why should you consider this option rather than purchasing a ring that someone else has designed?

A Unique Piece

Designing your ring ensures the piece is one of a kind, just like your partner. You can choose elements that reflect important moments in the relationship and use the ring as a remembrance of the journey that brought you together as one. The gemstone may celebrate one part of this journey while the metal memorializes another. When the different elements are combined, the ring will tell the story without words.

Highlight Aspects of Their Personality

The ring's style can share information about the loved one's personality. A person who likes modern things will appreciate a ring that is contemporary. Someone who prefers the classics will want something more formal and elegant. When designing the ring, the wearer's personality should be considered to give the ring meaning and reflect who they are as a person.

Work Together as a Unit

Another benefit of designing the engagement ring is it gives the partners an opportunity to work together as a team, something they will do for decades into the future. Throughout the process of designing this jewelry, the couple will learn more about each other as individuals. They get a better understanding of the other person's ideas and preferences along with what is important to them. Communication is key throughout marriage and this will be evident as the design process moves forward. It's a view of the future and what it holds.

Help When Needed

The couple isn't embarking on this journey alone. They will have a jeweler available to walk them through every step of the process. Mentors are often needed to guide couples through difficult times, and the first mentor in their relationship might be this jeweler. It's a valuable lesson that any couple needs to learn and what better time to do it than when they are first working together in a marriage? While the actual event hasn't taken place, the design process is a good time to learn the importance of working with others as a team. 

Staying Within Budget

A custom-designed engagement ring doesn't cost much more than one you would buy in a store. Many people are surprised to learn this. Work with the jeweler to create the perfect piece while remaining within your budget. You will have to live within your means going forward, and the process of designing a ring that meets your needs while remaining within your budget is a good way to learn how to manage your money through compromise and reviewing all alternatives.

Every love story is unique, and the ring that symbolizes this love should be as well. When you choose to design your own engagement ring, you control every aspect of the process to ensure it is. Learn more about this option today, as you will probably find it is ideal for your situation.