Remember the 34-year old Israeli model Orit Fox, who was the subject of a viral video that circulated a few years ago, in which tried to get sexy with a snake and then the snake bit her on her fake breast?

Well, Orit Fox appeared on a special called 200 Nips & Tucks and I Want More!, which ran earlier this week on UK's Channel 5. She also clarified the rumor that suggested the snake died of silicone poisoning: well it didn't. And Fox wasn't particularly injured from the snake attack. In fact, she likened it to being scratched by a cat, and said the incident was "cute."

Here's what she said about the breast attack:
It was so funny and amazing because the snake, it bit me on my breast. All the countries talk about my breast all the time and it bit me on this part of my body, exactly in my breast, on my breast.
Um, okay.. I guess when you've gone under the knife, something as quick and nippy like a snake bite is so totally fun. In the mini-profile that aired on 200 Nips & Tucks, she confessed her unhealthy obsession with plastic surgery.

You can tell how interesting Fox is the minute the clip begins, with her raising her hands over her head saying "Mens very love my body, it's like a fantasy, it's like a dream." But you know what's better than her dream body? Her hair. Watch the show's promo video here.