Every sister loves her brother as he is the only man in the world she can be herself.

Brothers are the craziest, yes the most caring human in any sister’s life.

You want to prove your love and go an extra mile for him as he always cares and protects you.

Choosing a gift for your brother on his birthday or on Raksha Bandhan is quite difficult as you don't know his choice in gifts.

Here we have made a list of 10 unique gifts to gift him a=on any occasion

1. Watch gang gift card

Your brother loves wearing watches but cannot afford watches of different brands.

This gift card is used for subscription of watches.

Every month he will receive a new watch in exchange for the previous one.

This way he can enjoy different watches all around the year.

2. Head to Toe Collection

Men don't take care of their hair and skin as they should.

This head to toe collection has everything from skincare to hair care.

These products may put a habit in your brother to keep their skin and hair care a priority.

Give this gift collection to your brother so that he knows how much you care about him. 

3. Cooling Pint Glasses

Nobody likes to drink beer warm and nobody should settle for it either.

These pint glasses are the best and let you enjoy a cold drink.

Pop these glasses into the freezer for two or more hours.

Pour the drink into the glass and then enjoy the beer.

It will keep the beer cool till the last sip of it. 

Your brother will love this gift as he can enjoy his game or match and drink cool beer. 

4. Custom Engraved Watch Box

If he has a great watch collection or loves to wear watches, then this gift might help him a lot.

He can keep his precious watch collection organized, clean, and safe in this watch box.

The box also has your brother’s name engraved on the top that makes it extra special.

The box has 6 compartments to keep 6 watches separate.

This is the best gift for your brother on his birthday or as a Raksha Bandhan Gift. 

5. Men’s Subscription Box

Can't decide what to get your brother on his birthday?

This subscription box is going to save you from all the confusion.

The subscription box contains a sunglass pouch, a tie, comb, wallet, and socks.

You can sign him up for any number of months you want.

He is gonna be so happy with this subscription box. 

6. Urban Map Glass

We all have memories if we visit a city.

This glass has a map of any particular city all over the glass.

You can drink a toast to whatever memory you have in any particular street.

You can select your favorite city where you had the best family vacation and it will be printed on it. 

Gift this to your brother you have most memories with. 

7. Essential Travel Kit

Travel kits are essential for both men and women

This essential kit is a mini size for traveling.

It has mini shaving cream, a razor, and other things that will make your brother pack easily on his vacation.

He is gonna love this kit and it will be a useful gift too. 

8. Personalized Whiskey Decanter with Glasses

Your brother loves whiskey or having friends over for the weekend.

A decanter is not only useful but also increases the value of his minibar.

This decanter comes with 4 whiskey glasses for him and his friends.

The decanter and the glasses have his name and Initial engraved on it.

This is the perfect gift for your brother if he has a minibar and loves whiskey too much. 

9. Portable Projector

Everybody loves to watch their movies or sports games on the big screen.

This pocket projector is so easy to carry and can be carried anywhere.

Your movie nights will become more fun as you can plan it anywhere you want.

He can also take this projector to screen the match of his favorite sports with his buddies.

Gift this to your brother who loves sports or is a movie addict. 

10. 3-in-1 Charging Stand

This useful gift is going to be loved by your brother.

This charging stand can charge your phone, your smartwatch, and your air pods all together at once.

This saves you time, space, and chargers.

It is a wireless charger so you just have to keep everything at the specified location and it will charge.

Whoever ends up with this gift is gonna fall in love with it.