Think working at a lingerie store famous for sending angels down the catwalk is a piece of cake? Think again.

As former Victoria's Secret employee revealed on Quora, while the experience was often a "fun and glamorous place" full of fun people, the job does also have its pitfalls.

Business Insider decided to find out more by reaching out to the anonymous employee, and here's what she said were the worst things about working there:
The job can get tedious. "Think of the panty bar (that huge table covered in panties, with drawer upon drawer of, yes, you guessed it, more panties below). Think of how messed up it looks during sales, towards the end of a busy day, etc. Think of how quick and easy it is to mess it up when hunting for a certain size and color. Now think of how much work it is to recover it every day and night," she wrote.

Some customers are entitled. "You'll meet some good customers, who make you smile in return for your efforts. And then you'll meet the other ones, who will treat you like you're stupid, you're worthless, like you're trying to make life more difficult for them (why, oh WHY would I ever do that?), like they're entitled to special treatment, special discounts, or free things," the former employee wrote.

It's everything a retail job entails. "It means some very early morning shifts (think of Black Friday!), a lot of late evening shifts (no one goes home until the store is recovered), and many six-day work weeks. It means never being off when other people are—their times off are your busiest days! It means always being go-go-go. It means a low pay-to-work-done ratio," she wrote.
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