This modern machine is a perfect solution for households, businesses or laboratories. Read about its characteristics and the freeze-drying process below. Discover the details and choose the best solution on the market.

Lyophilizer – a modern solution

Lyophilizer is a machine used for freeze-drying. The process involves sublimation drying of frozen substances. The device consists of a vacuum pump, a mechanism to remove solvent vapours, as well as chambers intended for input material.

Nowadays you can easily get a lyophilizer that is smaller than a typical fridge. It is a perfect solution for drying fruit, vegetables, meat, herbs as well as ready-made dishes. Its considerable advantage consists in the possibility to preserve flavours. We have thus the access to a versatile solution suitable for numerous applications.

Among the users of lyophilizers there are often sportspeople and all enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle. What is more, astronauts have discovered the advantages of the freeze-drying process themselves. Why? The following section of our guide includes the description of this process and arguments in favour of this technology.

What does the lyophilization process consist in?

People have been interested in the lyophilization process for years. To put it simply, it is drying with the use of freeze. The freezing part comes first. The final stage, in turn, consists in water drainage.

The first stage includes freezing at the temperature between -50 and -80 °C. It does not last long, but is crucial in order to prevent the formation of water crystals. The next important point consists in sublimation drying when the solvent is eliminated at reduced pressure and temperature. This process makes it possible to eliminate 95% of water from the food. What is more, moisture does not liquefy, but condenses.

The last stage, in turn, is the re-drying, but this time at the temperature of 40-50 °C. Water particles are thus eliminated. As a result of freeze-drying, the remaining moisture content is 1-2%. In this way it is possible to extend product storage time. What is more, substances prone to oxidation are protected in the vacuum, which means that the food retains its nutritional properties and natural aroma.

How to choose a modern lyophilizer?

Nowadays you have the option to choose from a wide range of lyophilizers. There are numerous devices perfect for households and small businesses producing freeze-dried food. What is more, many machines of this kind indented for use in big plants and laboratories are available as well.
Before you make a choice, read technical specification carefully and on this basis choose the best model. Its key parameters include dimensions and maximum load. Please also take a look at technologies ensured by the device.

Remember to choose your lyophilizer directly at its manufacturer who will provide you with wide product range and useful tips from experienced professional. This is the guarantee of success.