Are you planning on hosting or catering an event from a barbecue restaurant in Brooklyn? It is an exciting idea, but it isn’t without its challenges. From creating the perfect menu to making sure guests feel comfortable during the event, there are several things to consider when catering BBQ for an event.

We understand just how daunting such a task can be, and that’s why we've put together this helpful guide. So read on to find out the factors you should consider before putting your barbecue plan into action.

1 - Head Count

When planning a gathering, getting an accurate headcount is essential. The number of people attending your event will significantly impact how much food you need from a barbecue restaurant Brooklyn and how long it'll take you to prepare.

A little extra preparation can save you from potential blunders like all the food being gone before attendees arrive or struggling to finish organizing food before party-goers are starving and ready to eat. In addition, knowing exactly who you're expecting for dinner makes all the difference in turning something good into something extraordinary.

2 - Tablecloth / Napkins

If the event is indoors, adding tablecloths and napkins can add a touch of style to the room and make cleaning up afterward much easier too. It's also essential for any outdoor gathering. Dealing with BBQ sauce stains all over people’s clothing can be quite a hassle. Besides, even just an arrangement of colorful tablecloths makes an outdoor event look stunning.

3 - Venue Options

Are you hosting your barbecue in the comfort of your backyard? Or do you prefer to celebrate outdoors at another venue?  Where you choose to host will significantly impact the type of things you need. It could also affect the type of food served; depending on your space, you may want to make things easier with chicken wings, but if you have a larger event, you may want to serve delicious pulled pork or ribs. A barbecue restaurant in Brooklyn will have various catering options to choose from.

4 - Appropriate Level of Service

Buffet-style service might not be appropriate if this is a formal occasion. Instead, consider hiring staff (and renting additional equipment) if necessary so that everyone can enjoy their meal without worrying about getting up to grab seconds.

5 - Right Menu

Not all barbecues are created equal. Make sure your menu reflects your event's specific needs while keeping with the theme. Offer vegetarian options from a barbecue restaurant in Brooklyn like fried green tomatoes or mac and cheese alongside traditional favorites like brisket and chicken wings. You can also include regional specialties like jerk salmon.   

6 - Dietary Restrictions

Be sure to accommodate any dietary restrictions among your guests by offering vegan alternatives and gluten-free options. This may require additional preparation time, but it will ensure that everyone feels welcome at your event.  

Tips for Catering From A Barbecue Restaurant in BrookBarbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn

BBQ is always a crowd-pleaser—but catering from a barbecue restaurant in Brooklyn can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. With these tips in mind, catering your next barbecue event should go off without a hitch.

From making sure there are enough tables and chairs to accommodating dietary restrictions, these tips will help ensure that everyone leaves full and happy after your next shindig. So contact your local barbecue restaurant in Brooklyn to cater some delicious food. Thanks for reading.