Wigs are moving from a trendy accessory to a luxury staple in the beauty world. Instead of a dirty secret, wigs have become a point of pride for hair enthusiasts and empowered first-time wig wearers. Why have wigs become so popular? Two big reasons, one - it’s a safe way to experiment with new hair cuts, colors, and textures while protecting your natural lovable locks. Two - you can find any hair for any skill level, whether your a wig install expert or a novice just experimenting with extensions - there’s something out there for everyone.

Wearing a wig with seamless results does require some instructions but luckily you can still achieve a natural look without going to cosmetology school. Not every event requires a complex custom lace front wig, but there are times that call for style that goes extra mile. 
Start with length - Length plays a crucial role when it comes to wig styling. One has to predetermine the desired look then choose a style. There are three different lengths available that are short, medium, and long. The range is as per face cut and a person's liking. Ideally, short hair wigs are chosen by someone who stays in a humid region or always feels that their body temperature is higher than average. The longer the length, the warmer one feels. Though long wigs are better to style, shorter hair wigs are easy to maintain, dry faster, and cost less. The final choice of the length depends on the occasion the hair wig is chosen.

Before picking a wig, learn about the shape of your face - While choosing a hair wig, just personal consideration is not enough. The wig style chosen should also integrate with the shape of the face to enhance the look. The look can be turned glam if the wig flatters the shape of the face and head. If one has an oval face shape, then almost all styles can be chosen except those with heavy bangs in the forward direction as it will create more weight on the face.

Ideal wigs for diverse face shapes - One has a round face, and then perfect hair wigs are the ones that add fullness to the face-front as well as match the height of the crown on the head. Short hair wigs that go past one's chin are best for round faces. If one has a square-shaped look, then short or medium length wigs suit the best, wispy bangs, or the off-center style wig gives right height to the crown of the head as well as elongates the symmetrical face. If one has a rectangular face-look, then a hair wig chosen must go past the shoulders. Even layer styling can reduce the geometric shape appearance of the face. If one has a heart-shaped face, then long lace front wigs with gently wispy bangs can be chosen. The ones with a diamond-shaped look are the luckiest of all as they can try a variety of wigs. 

Consider the daily regime - Be it celebrity style wigs or any other style wigs hair wigs are greatly affected by how they come in use daily. If one is active in sports or does have a desk job, the choice may vary. Synthetic wigs or heat friendly wigs are an excellent choice for those who prefer staying in more as the hair wigs are cost-effective and easy to maintain. A lot of times, even jobs dictate the type of hair wigs one can wear. If one's lifestyle is active, then human hair wigs are the best option as they are more durable, though a little expensive.

Decide on the look or the occasion - Durability is an essential factor, but at the same time, the wig chosen should integrate with the look desired. If you wish to wear a hair wig for everyday office, then a short length wig sounds like a good option as it is easy to maintain. If one wants to have more than cute curly wigs, then heat-friendly synthetic wigs must be chosen to get the desired perfect look. 

Choose a perfect wig color - There are different types of variation of colors attached to the wigs. It is a little tricky task to find a wig color that matches your natural color, but it is not impossible. The wig colors should complement the skin tone. Colour labels vary from brand to brand. It is important to remember the exact color name of the wig so one can quickly get the correct replacement of the hair.

Check the size of the cap before picking a wig - The cap size is mandatory to be checked to get the utmost comfort. If the capsize is small, it won't fit the head, and if it is too huge, it makes it evident that a wig is worn. Thus, the perfect size has to be measured and chosen accordingly.

Decide on a budget - Many cosplay wigs are available that suit all budget types. One has to decide how much they wish to spend and then determine the nature of the hair wig. If one is low on budget, then synthetic wigs are the best option to choose as they are simpler to style and maintain. Human hair wigs though a little expensive, are soft and natural to feel just like real hair at the same time they need extra care.

Key Takeaways 

Before picking up any wig, one must keep these tips in mind as there is much more to hair wigs than just picking up the style. Wigs come with consistent maintenance, and so you must choose them accordingly.