This winter, turn on the style with a pair of cargo trousers for men that are not only functional but also as fashionable and trendy as they could get.

The history of cargo trousers goes back to the 1930s when it was first produced as military wear. Ideal for hard outdoor activities, these pants are synonymous with deep thigh pockets that can store many different handheld tools. Over the years since its inception, however, it has become an integral part of urban fashion and culture.

Despite being such a traditional pair of trousers, cargo pants still get regarded as a sound fashion choice for men. You can wear them on any casual occasion, both indoors and outdoors. In winter, it becomes an even better choice, as combative trousers are usually made with rough, rugged fabrics.

Browsing through the winter 2021 collections, we have also come across some unique designs, bearing a little ornamentation here and there, as demanded by the latest trends. With so many different options of cargo trousers for men available this winter, there are virtually no limits to the ways they can be styled.

So, let’s find out some of those styling tips and suggestions below.

Different Designs of Cargo Trousers.

Before you get down to buying a pair of trousers, it’s important to know what's the latest trends. For the winter 2021 collections, designers seem to have tried to bring a little twist to the classic cargo designs. It includes the addition of elasticated leg cuffs, knee patches, straight cuts, and so on.

The cargo pockets are ever-present, albeit with some variations in sizes and zipper mechanisms. There are a plethora of colours too, ranging from the traditional camouflages and animal prints to solid hues like khaki, green, ash, grey, black, etc. Furthermore, there are also trousers with military ornamentations.

Styling Cargo Trousers for Men Based on Cut.

As a general rule, however, the baggy pants are considered more suitable to the below 30s, while the above 30s and beyond are recommended to opt for a modern fit. Of course, it also depends on what makes you feel comfortable.

If you opt for a baggy fitting, pair it with a hoodie or a baggy sweatshirt and chunky sneakers to create a uniform look. To tone down the laid-back look, you can easily opt for a knitted sweater as the top. The trousers with a straight cut or modern fit, on the other hand, can be paired with casual shirts and any winter casual jackets - whether it's tailored with traditional fabrics or leather materials. These straight cuts can be fashionably paired with boots and formal shoes.

Styling Cargo Trousers Based on Their Colours.

If your trousers are camouflaged, tone it down a bit with a minimal sweater or solid t-shirts. If you choose a solid pair of cargo trousers for men, however, you can then add a bit of boldness in the upper.