If you are a lover of jumping rope, or just do it in your cardio routine, you must have experienced some foot pain at one point. This pain is actually because of the poor quality sole used in standard shoes. That sole isn’t optimized to comfort your shoes while you’re jumping like crazy.

Many people ask questions like, How can choose the best shoes for jumping rope? What thing should I consider and so on. So, we’ve actually shared a small guide in this article that you can follow to find the best shoes that make you jump higher and run faster while doing exercise or any type of cardio.

Why Do You Need Good Shoes?

In any type of sport, exercise or activity related game, choosing the right shoes is one of the most important things. Your choice of shoes can alter your jump rope experience. The perfect rhythm that you need to jump rope can only be obtained by wearing the right pair of shoes, on the contrary, choosing the wrong shoes can cause many troubles (like injuries) in the long run.

Here is the criteria that the shoes chosen for exercise should meet.

Protect your feet during the activity and eliminate the chances of any injury.
Absorb the impact when your feet touch against the floor.
Provide comfort to your feet when you’re exercising.

Ideally, the shoes you choose shouldn’t mess up your playing style, or force you to change your natural walking style.

When we’re talking about top jump rope, you should choose the shoes which would improve your jump rope experience.

The shock absorption part is the most important one. So, be always on the look for shoes which absorb all or most of the impact when you’re constantly hitting the ground in jump rope.

Picking The Best Jump Rope Shoes

There is no perfect jump rope shoes that would fit everyone, but depending on your own personal needs, you can find the shoes that are perfect for you.

You should know more about your foot type, and invest in the shoe that compliments it. The best way is trying the shoes and walking in the store for a while, but there are online too if you want to explore.

In general, any jump rope shoes that you buy should have these qualities.

Good stability
Ankle support
Arch support
Well-cushioned midsole
Flat bottom
Shouldn’t break your bank
Looks good when you’re wearing it

You can buy a shoe that will perfectly fit your needs by testing them against this criteria. Almost no (affordable) shoe in the market will probably meet all of the points, but you can at least try to match as many as possible.

There are specialized shoes available for jump rope, since extra ankle support and cushioning is needed to help absorb the impact and prevent any injuries. You should always invest in the right pair of shoes to reap full benefits of the jump rope game.