Nature is responsible for playing a trick on the body size and shape of every person. There is a certain section of people who have the ideal features and another section that does not. Styling perfectly when you do not have the most wanted features can be difficult. This is particularly true for skinny girls, who want to look stylish every day. 

Skinny girls are extremely lucky because they do not have any unwanted fat in their body and get the best fits whenever they are choosing any outfit. Also, according to, designers love to create outfits particularly for ladies who have tiny proportions. If you are skinny and you are looking for the ideal fashion tips, given below is a list of tips that you need to consider. 

Stay away from vertical stripes

Vertical stripes are undoubtedly the perfect choice for those ladies who are healthy and therefore, it is not the ideal choice for skinny girls. Vertical stripes are responsible for making the body look slim and long and conceal the extra body weight. Since skinny girls do not have to hide anything, it is suggested that you stay away from vertical stripes. Vertical stripes are going to end up making you look thinner. If you are a great lover of stripes, you can opt for horizontal stripes, which will help in adding curves to the body and contribute to making you look healthier. 

Stay away from heels

Just like vertical stripes, high heels are also responsible for giving a similar impression. When you look taller than what you already are, you are going to look like a geometrical line that has no curves. You should choose boots or flats, which are going to go perfectly with any kind of outfit that you are choosing. If you are choosing elegant cocktail dresses, which have to be worn only with heels, it is suggested that you choose that pair of shoes, which has tiny heels. 

Avoid skinny jeans

Irrespective of what the fashion experts are constantly telling about tight and skinny jeans, they are going to remain the worst possible choice for the skinny girls as well as most of the other ladies as well. Doctors from different parts of the globe have stated that these pants have a bad impression on health. They can be extremely painful if your stomach is full or if your thighs are high. Apart from that, they are responsible for creating numerous problems for women who are constantly interested in conceiving. 

Apart from the negative effects associated with skinny jeans, they do not look ideal on skinny girls. Therefore, a skinny girl needs to choose pants that are wide-legged and have straight cuts, jeans, or classic pants, which will provide extra space for the legs. Also, you are going to feel comfortable in these kinds of pants. 

Choose bright colors

You need to choose colors that you love but it is suggested that you stay away from dark colors. Colors like gray, black, and brown are going to make you look slimmer than what you already are. You can select any color from the rainbow. If you are interested in looking wider, make sure that you are wearing neutral colors and playing with contrast. For instance, choose light tops along with dark bottoms. You can also play with a variety of patterns and prints. Allow your imagination to run wild and you are going to make your ideal choice for yourself.

Go back to the childhood days

You might remember that when you were a kid, you had different kinds of dresses that were the shape of baby dolls. It is time to get them back. Choose these kinds of dresses and you will be able to see the changes in your body proportion. Select dresses of one color to avoid fusion. They are responsible for adding curves to the body, thereby making you look full and short. 

Get hold of loose sweaters

Loose sweaters are responsible for not only outlining the silhouette but they are also capable of making you feel confident and comfortable. You can also add narrow skirts or tights to complete the look. Loose sweaters can hide your slim body frame and make you look fuller, thereby adding charm and grace to your style statement. It is a good idea to follow fashionistas on social media to get the best style tips. Wear appropriate bras to give a complete look to your body, and for the right size details, visit 

Choose to layer

It is also suggested that slim ladies layer a few pieces. Layering is not only capable of creating a fashion-forward as well as stand outlook but also helps in making the slim ladies look fuller. It is also a good idea to layer by making use of single outfits. 

Avoid using belts at mid-waist

Belts at mid-waist are perfect for ladies who have fat in that portion as they help in making them look slim. However, since slim and skinny girls do not have anything to hide, it is suggested that they stay far away from using belts at mid-waist. No matter how much you love them, mid-waist belts are not at all your accessories. 

Use scarves

Scarves are amazing fashion accessories, which are capable of adding femininity and elegance to the look of a lady, and they are capable of making slim girls look the best. Almost everyone has knowledge about the power this accessory possesses. It is capable of doing miracles. Even a boring dress can look fresh when you are using a soft colored scarf. Scarves protect your necks from looking long, and if they are reaching your bosom, you are going to look fuller and more beautiful. Therefore, it is suggested that you use scarves whenever you can and throw them on any dress. 


Just like fat and curvy girls cannot wear everything, similarly, skinny girls cannot fit into anything and everything. If you are a skinny girl, you can follow the tips that have been mentioned above.