Getting ready for a three-day weekend can require some knowledge of fashionable clothes and a bit of quick thinking. Sometimes, you don’t have a lot of time to prepare for a three-day weekend. Let’s be honest—you probably waited until the night before to pack your clothes and sift through your favorite casual dresses for juniors (hey, it happens to the best of us).

The other thing about three-day weekends is that they tend to be more frequent in the warmer months when people can escape to beaches, rivers, poolside properties, and other waterfront locations. The point is that you have to consider if you’ll need a large bag of clothes and if that bag will contain items for sitting poolside or going on an adventure.

Maybe it’s because your options seem so limited, but packing for a three-day weekend can feel really important—you only have so much time to show off your clothes! To keep you looking fresh, here are some of the best clothes you can throw in your three-day weekend bag.

Relaxed, Flowy Tops

The great thing about some flowy tops is that wrinkles that appear after you packed them in a bag look like they’re meant to be there. Plus, they’re just cute and always comfortable. You can really lean into this effect by looking for flowy tops with any or all of these details:

Floral patterns: a cute, busy floral design can hide anything
Velvety material: a wrinkled velvet fabric just looks like crushed velvet—you got this
Tiered blouses: the tiers create a flowy, ruffled look that can camouflage wrinkles
Tie-dye pattern: tie-dye patterns can be made with extreme wrinkles and scrunches, so they’ll look fabulous, even crammed into a bag

Any flowy tops with these details can help you avoid a potentially frumpy and wrinkled appearance, so you always look put-together. Plus, you can find some brands offering tops online with cute details like sweetheart necklines or off-the-shoulder sleeves.

If you don’t like the look of a super flowy top and prefer something more fitted, you could try out peplum-style blouses. They are more fitted in the waist but still have some pleats that can temper the look of any wrinkles.

On-Trend Casual Dresses

Sometimes, it’s easier to pack one (or three) on-trend dresses you can wear throughout the weekend instead of multiple tops and bottoms. If you already love the convenience of casual dresses for juniors, then you may already have some tucked away in your closet for a three-day getaway. But when you’re in the market for something new, here are the styles that can be thrown into your bag for an effortless, on-trend outfit:

Comfortable knits: various shades look on-trend no matter the season or weather
Fashionable florals: the perfect way to welcome spring or summer
Unique details: smocked looks or elastic details that make it stylish yet comfortable

You can find casual dresses for juniors and date night dresses in these various styles that will look perfect anytime during your weekend. Plus, you can spot these on-trend details on midi or maxi dresses if you’re not overly fond of shorter styles.

Shopping for new dresses can be fun, but make sure you’re going for high-quality options that can withstand an entire weekend of excitement and activities like walking down to the beach, going out to dinner, or being shoved back into a small-sized travel bag.

Go-To Loungewear

Loungewear might be the hero you need on a three-day weekend. After a day spent under the sun, nothing feels better than pulling on clothes that make it easy to move around. Alternatively, the goal of your three-day weekend may be to move around as much as possible. No matter what you have planned, these are the women’s loungewear outfits to squeeze into your bag:

Joggers: look for fun details like foil stars or hearts
Pullover tops: try everything from a boxy henley to a velvet pullover
Activewear: on-trend sets or separates look good on a walk or in the backyard

While you may not want to pair your joggers with your fashion tops, they’re still a great clothing item to pack for a three-day weekend. You can sport them when you make a trek to the waterfront or change into them before a casual backyard BBQ. Plus, you can find joggers that have a matching pullover top. It’s an ultra-comfy outfit for serious lazy-day vibes.

If you have adventures planned for your three-day weekend, you can fill your bag with activewear like comfortable leggings and cute sports bras. There are stylish activewear sets with patterns or shimmery stretch fabrication that can make getting ready for a hike all the more exciting. Just because you’re being active doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable.

Other Dependable Essentials

Just in case you need some more ideas, here are some other clothing options to bring along on your three-day weekend:

Date night dresses: an excellent option for nights on the town
Patterned jumpsuits: an all-in-one style win
Matching pajama sets: white fleece short sets are perfect for a Memorial Day getaway
Drawstring shorts: if it gets hot, you’ll still be prepared

A three-day weekend can always be something you’ll look forward to—especially when you pack a bag with on-trend pieces like fashionable tops, casual dresses for juniors, and women’s loungewear outfits. Depending on what you’ll be doing throughout the weekend, you may want to mix and match these options—maybe even packing something from each category for each day! If you do that, just take this advice: Don’t forget to pack bottoms if you want to wear flowy tops. Bon voyage!

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