The desire to look perfect is not restricted to time, occasion or age. It is a fact that we all wish to look good and presentable no matter where we are going or whom we are meeting. However, being presentable is not only about dressing up well or doing the makeup right. It is about how we carry ourselves and confidence plays a great role in the same. 

The inner feeling that we are presentable comes only when you get the boost from inside. Apart from many other factors, lingerie also plays a great role in boosting our personality. When you were the right kind of inner wears in their perfect size, it will enhance the beauty of your out wears and you are sure to feel more confident from inside out. This write up contains a list of few sexy panties and underwear that women of any age can embrace. Let’s have a look at the underwear and panty styles that this list includes-       

1. Lacy fabric is love
Lacy fabric is so sexy and feminine that women of any age group can go for it without any hesitation. Markets too are full of options for lacy lingerie no matter what size, design or colour you are looking for.   

2. Floral prints are in trend 
Floral prints are not just restricted to outwears; they are pretty much in trend even for lingerie. You can get a few pairs of comfy panties and bras in floral prints in your favorite colour and fabric. Cotton hot pants or minikini in floral prints are something that you can rely on for days when you want to relax at home or get ready for a hectic day at work.     

3. G-strings are not only for the brides
When we think about sexy lingerie for honeymoon or wedding night, G-stings are the one type that usually comes to our mind. G-strings are so sexy and elegant that you should never think twice before buying one for yourself. This extremely sexy panty style is sure to lift your mood.   

4. Thongs are a must
Thongs are comfy and can be easily matched with almost any type of bras that you decide to wear. You can wear thongs while going to School, College or work. New Year is here and Thongs are sure to give you a good time if you are planning any long or adventurous vacation.   

5. Boyshorts
Boyshort is another style of panty that girls or women of any age can go for. They are comfy to wear for the workout sessions or for a peaceful sleep at night. 

6. Seamless underwear
Seamless panty is a must for any women so that you can carry any outfit without worrying about panty lines. Seamless underwear helps you carry the skinny pants or pencil skirts any day and any time.    
Life is all about experimenting new things. Do not restrict yourself thinking you are too young or old for something. Do what you heart desire and look fabulous this year. Happy New year.   

Author Bio:
Jennifer Saylor is a creative writer by profession and hobby, currently working as a freelance writer. She aspires to help her readers achieve their best style by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research.