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There's some tension building up between Jennifer Love Hewitt and her co-stars on The Client List. She's become a little indifferent about the show. But wait, doesn't that pay the bills?

"The network has them on hold until mid-December (also when she is due). There is no information as to whether they will go forward with the show. Lifetime wants the show to go in a different direction -- sexier, more about her being hot and sexy, running the 'massage' place and dating. JLH is not committed to that idea and likes the family side of it more. Her vision includes her costar/fiance [Brian Hallisay]. My very good guess is, she doesn't want to do the show without him there everyday. She probably wouldn't care if it all went away. Unfortunately, not all the actors on the show have the financial security she has and have been prevented from looking for other full-time gigs while she waits it out and plays out her real life fiction."

Jennifer apparently squeezed out the original lead/love interest Colin Egglesfield in favor of her fiance:

"Last season Colin Egglesfield's role was marginalized to accommodate Brian Hallisay's increased screen time. As the couple got more serious she put him in more and more episodes (all, in fact) and changed the storyline to bring the estranged husband back and make him the greater love interest. Originally Egglesfield's character was sold has the main guy but JLH saw it her way despite Egglesfield being the fan favorite. She does carry the show but she seems to have trouble distinguishing fiction from reality."