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You decided to adopt a puppy, bought all the supplies they need and puppy-proofed your house to make sure they’re safe. Now you can bring them home, and you’re excited and eager because you want to spend time together. But it would help if you also tried to imagine what coming to your house means for them. The process may be scary because you take them from their family and bring them into a new environment where they know no one. They are afraid and confused, and you must help them adjust to their new house and life.   Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 19, 2021 23:14
Want to reduce acne, prevent wrinkles, and add a glow to your face? Read this for a list of seven beauty items that can help you do all of those things!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 05, 2021 20:22
What we put in our bodies can be helpful or harmful to our mental state. If you're struggling with depression, why not try to help yourself out nutritionally?  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 05, 2021 20:22
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