Are you aspiring to be a successful podcaster? Recording audio is not enough. You need a reliable podcast hosting service to manage your audio files. If you’re looking where to host your first podcast, here are the top 7 choices of most podcast creators.


Buzzsprout is another choice to host your first podcast. It features a basic free plan that comes with reasonably priced monthly options. Plus, it doesn’t require a contract or credit card upon signing up. 
This hosting service started in 2009. It served over 50,000 people. That’s why it has numerous podcast directories such as Google Podcast, iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher. Once you subscribe, you customize your website and sync with these directories. 
In addition, Buzzsprout supports different types of audio files. Then, it optimizes the quality, so your podcast session sounds more interesting. 
Cost: The Free plan stores up to 2 hours for 90-day hosting but with limited bandwidth. 
The monthly plan of $12 includes 3 hours of storage with unlimited hosting for 250GB bandwidth. 
The monthly $18 includes 6 hours of storage with unlimited hosting for 250GB bandwidth. 
The monthly plan of $24 includes 12 hours of storage with unlimited hosting for 250GB bandwidth. 


Libsyn's podcast hosting is reliable and easy-to-use. It focuses on putting your brand in the center. Thus, promote your podcast show across various devices, apps, and platforms.

Libsyn is a reliable and easy-to-use hosting provider. It focuses on putting your brand in the center. Thus, promote your podcast show across various devices, apps, and platforms. 
Libsyn is one of the pioneering podcast hosting services. It started in 2004 and is now a large community of users. The monetization options are plenty enough to cater to your first podcast. 
Today, it serves Libsyn Publisher Hub, which is a WordPress integration. Also, it features detailed analytics for every podcast episode. Plus, its hosting plans come with various storage limits monthly but with unlimited bandwidth. 
Cost: Starts from $5 monthly with monthly storage of 50MB. 


Blubrry is one of the best selections of both new and experienced podcasters. Also, it offers flexible hosting plans that even newbies can control. 
Also, it serves the famous PowerPress. It is a well-known WordPress podcast plugin. If you need help setting up your blog in WordPress Marketdoxa can help. 
Blubrry lets you manage an episode directly from its website. Plus, it allows uploading to Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. That’s why it is easy to find on Android devices. Check it out in Google Home, Google Podcast app, and Assistant. 
The best part is that Blubrry has great monetization options. Monitoring podcast statistics and social sharing features are user-friendly, too. 
Cost: Starts from $12 monthly with storage of 100MB each month. 


Podbean is a growing podcast hosting space. For over ten years, it has hosted around 540,000 podcasters already. It’s the easiest to use among other hosts. That’s why it’s an excellent choice to host your first podcast. 
Its features include auto-upload to Youtube and auto-posting to social media. So, there’s no need to hustle on uploading podcast sessions on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, it has its own mobile app. 
The Patreon program permits the acceptance of recurring revenue from listeners. Also, the dynamic ad insertion eases the job for you. There’s no doubt how excellent its service is. 
Cost: The Basic plan is free and open source. It includes 5-hour storage for 100GB each month. 
The Unlimited Audio plan costs $9 monthly. It includes unlimited storage and bandwidth with pro themes, ad marketplace, and advanced design. 
The Unlimited Plus plan costs $29 monthly. It has the same feature as Unlimited Audio but with an additional Patreon program with dynamic ad insertion. 
The Business plan costs $99 monthly. It has the same feature as Unlimited Plus. But it also includes private podcasts, multiple domains, advanced statistics, and live support. 


Podiant has features dedicated for the beginning podcasters and west-established pros. It serves nearly 20,000 uploads daily that reach almost a million listeners. 
Although Podiant is small compared to others, its growing offers stand out. For example, it has no bandwidth limits but unlimited storage space. Plus, it works well with podcast directories of Apply and Spotify. 
Newbies get the best assistance by providing consulting services and community support forums. You can adjust to the podcasting world with proper guidance. So, it’s no surprise it is part of the top 7 choices to host your first podcast. 
Cost: The $12.99 monthly plan covers unlimited storage with a website/blog. 
The $29.99 monthly plan covers unlimited storage with website/blog and analytics. is a great podcast host for growing your podcast career. Its service includes unlimited bandwidth and storage suitable for prominent podcasters. 
The podcast hosting provider has tools for social media integration and episode scheduling. It makes posting a show more manageable. Plus, it lets you engage with your audience more. 
Different monetization options encourage podcast creators. Popcorn assists in various sponsorship opportunities. Also, the donate button on the free public podcast website lets you monetize your content. 
Cost: Free for signing up and hosting the first episode. It lets podcasters test the service first before committing financially. 
The Education Plan costs $4.99 monthly, while the RSS Podcaster costs $12.99 monthly. 


Simplecast brings out the modern design aesthetic in the podcasting industry. It provides powerful tools to manage, distribute, and share your podcast. That’s why growing your first podcast to reach millions of listeners is possible. 
The podcast hosting service has been over six years already. It supports famous brands like Nike, Facebook, Kickstarter, Shopify, and HBO. 
Also, it allows you to collaborate with multiple team members by just using one account. Plus, it features one-click publishing. 
Cost: The Basic $15 monthly plan is unlimited storage and uploads. Also, it holds two account members with a customized show website. Plus, it comes with 20k downloads monthly with an embeddable web player. Of course, their superb email support is part of it too. 
The Essential $35 monthly plan includes all basic plan features. But it has two extra users and additional web players. Its analytics tackle location and technology. The downloads are up to 50k monthly. Plus, there’s fantastic chat support. 
The Growth $85 monthly plan features the Essential plan. But it caters to 5 more extra users, which is a total of 9. The analytics involve ISP, detailed metro location. Plus, the downloads reach up to 120k monthly. 
Indeed, there are many podcast hosts to choose from. It’s up to you to decide which fits you and your budget. Remember, this is not a rank list of the best hosting service. Any of which you feel can be the host of your first podcast is according to your preference. Moreover, make sure that your podcast is saved in the right file format. Convert MP3 to MP4 by Transcribe Wreally or to any file format the most secure way.