Is this how intergallactic travel is possible? Wormholes may be of science fiction staple, but there's an idea behind it: quantum entanglement.

According to a team of physicists at the University of Washington, the two could be linked. They believe that quantum entanglement is what connects two wormholes to each other.

A wormhole is also known as an Einstein-Rosen bridge, which is still a hypothetical concept in space-time theory. It works on the idea that a wormhole is a warp in space and time and can act as a shortcut from one part of the Universe to another. Or in other words, a bridge.

Quantum entanglement happens when two particles become entangled with each other which means they enter into a quantum state and act as one object. The whole concept is still a tad hard to grasp, but it is one that could be quite possible.

The physicists believe that quantum entanglement can bring two wormholes together in the same quantum state. Still, lots more research to come. And a long way more to go before we can travel Starship Enterprise style.

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