The forklifts are the backbone of warehouse operations and other business units that involve moving heavy and bulky items. Most businesses have a fleet of different forklifts with different applications. Any damage to this vital equipment can cause significantly to your business. For that reason, it is always wise to know when to look for new forklifts for sale in Australia.

Knowing when you can replace and when you need to replace is crucial for keeping everyday operations running. While you may procrastinate the idea of renewing your fleet due to anticipated expense, but it is better to replace them timely to prevent uncalled for losses. Here are some indicators that tell you, it’s time to replace or upgrade your forklift fleet.

You have mostly internal combustion forklifts
Electric forklifts are proving a great replacement for conventional propane lifts or combustion forklifts. These are highly efficient and have much-reduced carbon emissions. Electric forklifts have a higher upfront cost but are highly economical in regular usage. You can save significantly on their repair, maintenance, and fuel. With an electric forklift fleet, you can cut costs and elevate productivity.

Your fleet ages 7 or more
Although electric forklifts have much lower maintenance costs, the expenses increase after a certain period. Every piece of equipment has a life span beyond which its operations deteriorate. It starts breaking down frequently causing your downtime and maintenance costs. Even the electric forklifts start causing trouble with major components such as motors, electronics, etc. You need to be vigilant about these factors and renew your fleet once it has aged.

Maintenance cost is denting your pockets
Maintenance cost of lift trucks including labor and part replacement spurge as they start aging. Know that age of these trucks is not only evaluated in terms of the number of years these have served but also the number of hours. An average lift truck is considered old after delivering for 10000 hours or more. This aging increases the maintenance cost hinting you to change your fleet. You should also consider replacing if the maintenance cost becomes 10% of the price of the new machine.
You are not utilizing your equipment to maximum potential
Analyze the maintenance cost in a combination of the utilization of these resources. Identify underutilized lift trucks to decide whether to remove, retain, or repair the machine. Forklifts have a high cost per hour. If these are not utilized to their full potential, it is a bad deal that must be reconsidered.

Your technology is outdated
Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, bringing in better equipment for more efficient usage and greater productivity. It is crucial to stay abreast with technological development to stay operational and relevant. If you are still using outdated machines, their maintenance would likely be difficult. You may have a tough time finding their parts and experts to make the repairs.

Service outages and downtimes are increasing
Nearly three fourth of the ownership cost of a forklift is the cost of the operator who works with it. If the machine is down, the operator is ideal while incurring significant costs. By replacing the old lift trucks or acquiring new ones you can draw maximum potential of your people and increase efficiency.