People who want to lose weight should do it because it's the healthy thing to do, instead of trying to look like a waif. So how do you lose weight healthily? There are many weight-loss tips within reach, but will they actually work for you?

Here are 7 common weight loss tips you think might work for you, but actually aren't helping at all. Find out what they are below:

Misunderstood Tip 1: Eat loads of mini meals throughout the day.
The argument here is that your stomach will shrink and you feel less hungry throughout the day. But it's actually counting calories that matter more than the number of meals you consume daily. If you're eating many small meals a day, make sure you find out how many calories each meal should be ideally.

Misunderstood Tip 2: Watch your weight.

A recent study showed that women who focused on the process of losing weight rather than the number on the scale have better luck shedding the pounds.

Misunderstood Tip 3: Juice cleanse your way to a lower weight.
Nope. Whatever you lose on a juice cleanse will make its way back to your body when you go back to eating regular meals.

Misunderstood Tip 4: Snack so you won't eat so much at mealtime.
Your tea time snack won't actually make a huge difference in how much you eat at dinner. In fact, people who snack before a meal consume about the same amoung of calories at the meal as people who don't, according to a 2013 study.

Misunderstood Tip 5: Exercising more makes you eat more.
It's all in the mind. A recent journal article reported that there isn't any proof that exercising makes you eat more.

Misunderstood Tip 6: Drink ONLY low-calorie or no-calorie drinks to keep your calories down.
Overweight and obese dieters who sip on diet drinks consume the same amount of daily calories as those who drink the sugary kind. The the theory behind this study is that diet drinkers think they're saving calories on beverages, but then end up compensating by taking extra calories via food. The best thing for you to do is to cut soda and other really sweet drinks out together!

Misunderstood Tip 7: No sweeties while losing weight.
It's kinda true, but not totally. You can eat dark chocolate in moderation if you crave something sweet. It's good for your health!