What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

For women who suffer from vaginal dryness, incontinence-related issues, or overall vaginal tightness, vaginal rejuvenation may be a great option for you! 

When women begin to age, or especially after they have gone through their years of childbearing, they begin to experience changes in their overall vaginal health. In other words, they begin to notice a decrease in their vagina’s tightness. Because of this, especially in today’s world, many women are seeking out cosmetic treatments such as vaginal rejuvenation to help restore their vaginal youth and reverse those changes many women experience as they go through life.

There is a large misconception that vaginal rejuvenation is extremely invasive. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Vaginal rejuvenation can now be done entirely from the comfort of your own home. It’s also relatively painless! Companies such as CO2Lift, a company that specializes in carbon dioxide therapy treatments and non-surgical approaches to overall skin and vaginal rejuvenation, offer at home vaginal rejuvenation kits, known as CO2Lift V. It’s an entirely non-invasive treatment to help restore vaginal health and tightness. Many women today actually state that they’ve both seen and felt results from their CO2Lift V vaginal rejuvenation treatment after just one application!

What Are the Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation?

As mentioned previously, there are several unique benefits associated with vaginal rejuvenation treatments. Outlined below are a few of the main benefits of starting your own at-home vaginal rejuvenation regimen.

Improves Urinary Incontinence

Many women, especially after their years of childbearing, begin to experience issues with urinary incontinence. In other words, they begin to lose vaginal strength which results in urine leakage and the frequent need to urinate. However, vaginal rejuvenation works to stimulate both elastin and collagen production, thus helping to strengthen the vaginal walls and the urethra.

Vaginal rejuvenation kits help to get the appropriate amount of carbon dioxide through to the epidermis which helps to stimulate the body’s oxygen molecules so that they can deliver oxygen to the penetrated area. The oxygen is what helps to restore the vagina’s youthfulness, and the surge in the CO2 through the epidermis is what promotes protein synthesis and collagen production. Collagen is the most abundant protein found in our bodies and is known for its anti-aging properties. As mentioned previously, collagen production is what helps to strengthen the vaginal walls and works to improve the vagina’s overall tightness, as well.

Increases Vaginal Lubrication

Individuals who do at-home vaginal rejuvenation also mention a significant increase in overall vaginal lubrication and a decrease in their vaginal dryness. Vaginal rejuvenation helps to stimulate the overall regeneration of the vaginal tissue and also increases blood flow. The increase in both of these directly impacts the vagina’s ability to naturally lubricate. Ultimately, users tend to notice a significant decrease in vaginal dryness as well as more enjoyable intercourse.

Restores Vaginal Tightness and Youth

The single-most sought-after benefit of vaginal rejuvenation is its ability to restore vaginal tightness and overall youth. As mentioned previously, vaginal rejuvenation helps to increase the overall production of collagen, otherwise known as the anti-aging protein within our bodies. Collagen helps to restore our skin’s overall tightness and youthfulness, thus also helping to restore tightness to the vaginal region.

Enhances Overall Sexual Pleasure

Last, but certainly not least, vaginal rejuvenation has been directly linked to an increase in overall sexual pleasure for older women. In fact, a study was carried out on 250 women that were complaining about their sexual pleasure and overall sexual functioning. 78% of those women had delivered a child vaginally, and 60% of them had birthed two children or more. After receiving vaginal rejuvenation, the study showed that the vast majority noticed a significant decrease in their dissatisfaction with sexual pleasure. In other words, the majority of participants noticed a significant increase in their sexual pleasure and overall sexual behavior.

But how exactly does vaginal rejuvenation help to increase sexual pleasure? It’s believed that women have a g-spot or a spot in their vagina that plays a significant role in their ability to be sexually aroused. When collagen production is increased, it also increases the plumpness of the vagina’s internal tissues, thus causing women to be more prone to the overall feeling of pleasure during intercourse.

Although there isn’t a magical remedy that will restore our vagina’s youth to the state it was in our teenage years, luckily there are other alternatives out there. At-home vaginal rejuvenation treatments provide several unique and positive benefits to end-users all while helping to improve their vaginal tightness, sexual pleasure, and overall self-confidence, as well.