With the passing of time, salaries stay the same, while drug pricing continues to grow. Whatever the reason, blaming a weak economy or inconsistent pricing policies won't solve the burning problem of providing affordable prescription costs right away.

Instead, a person with diabetes must take a proactive approach and find out how can they get the lowest-priced insulin, which will allow them to safely achieve treatment goals.

How to Get Affordable Human Insulin?

Some insulin manufacturers, such as Lilly Insulin, Sanofi, and others, offer discounts and special programs to reduce out-of-pocket costs for people with low income.

For patients from the USA, it can be an option to buy diabetes medication from Canada, as insulin affordability is at a much higher level across the border.

While analog insulins tend to be more expensive than regular human insulin formulations, long-acting ones also show the longest duration of action, keeping glucose under control for up to 48 hours. So opting for an insulin pump, pen, or vial with long-acting regular insulin analogs (obviously, if this type will suit your health needs) could reduce the overall cost of insulin per month for you.

Does Federal Law Allow to Buy Over-the-Counter Insulin?

Skipping insulin doses leads to serious health problems. This is why patients consider buying their diabetes medications over the counter to control their blood sugar.

OTC synthetic human insulin can be purchased from pharmacies, as well as from Walmart. However, while the cost of a vial won't exceed $25 and people can buy it without breaking federal rules, some doctors aren't confident about Walmart's insulin quality.

What About Health Insurance Coverage?

The health insurance program (e.g. Medicare Part D) will cover insulin costs. However, whether the prescription drug coverage will be partial or make your medications free depends on your health plan.

Uninsured patients can get affordable access to diabetes care from these drug discount programs:

Novo Nordisk Patient Assistance Program;
Lily Cares Program;
Sanofi Valyou Savings Program;
Mannkind Direct Purchase Program.

Ask your doctor about discount drug cards to get your medications at a reduced cost.

To Sum Up

High insulin pricing causes diabetes patients to dramatically increase their medical expenses. However, insurance coverage provided by various health insurance plans, and discounts from pharmaceutical companies will help them to access insulin more easily.

There is a variety of long-acting analogs on the global insulin market. It's worth consulting health care providers to be sure that a chosen analog insulin is what you need. If you want to buy insulin online visit https://insulin.store/ - a trusted supplier.

Pharmaceutical assistance programs and discount cards will help patients to afford insulin instead of simply reducing and skipping doses and gradually getting sick, even if they don't have government health insurance.