Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects millions of people, both young and old all over the world. This condition is demanding and can affect how you live your life in various ways. If you are diabetic, blood sugar monitoring will play a key role in managing and controlling your diabetes. This is because when you regularly monitor your blood sugar, you will be on the lookout for fluctuations in your sugar levels and you can prevent an emergency situation from happening. 

To monitor your blood sugar you will need a safety lancet. Let’s look at the reasons why diabetes lancets and particularly Pip lancets are changing the way patients manage their diabetes. 

1. Pip Lancets Have Made Diabetes Management More Affordable
Diabetes is an expensive condition. For low-income earners and for families without health insurance, especially, the financial burden that arises from inpatient care, diabetes medicine physician visits and residential stays for nurses can be too heavy to bear. Lack of finances has resulted in many diabetes patients abandoning their treatment and suffering serious consequences such as amputation of the feet, diabetic coma, and even death. 

However, with the introduction of pip lancets into the market, diabetes management has become more affordable. Since pip lancets require very little technique, it is now possible for diabetes patients to monitor their blood sugar levels by themselves without the assistance of a caregiver. Pip lancets are also very affordable. For just $3 you can customize your trial and receive 30 lancets of your preferred size, 20 lancets of other sizes and a special carry case that holds about 8 lancets which you can use when you are on the go. This package also includes free shipping. Check out https://piplancets.com/blogs/news/painless-ways-to-check-blood-sugar for more information.

2. Pip Lancets Are Easy To Use and Are Perfect For On the Go Testing
If you are living with diabetes, you’ve probably realized that traveling for work or for fun can sometimes get you out of your routine. Delayed meal times, enjoying unfamiliar cuisines or being more active than usual can get in the way of your diabetes management. One great way of monitoring your blood sugar when you are on the go is by carrying your pip lancets with you. Since they don’t require loading and you can test yourself using only one hand and you can easily use them when on the train, a flight or even when you are out on a cruise ship. 

3. Pip Lancets Are Helpful For Stroke Patients
For stroke patients living with diabetes, it can be particularly difficult to monitor blood sugar without a caregiver since they are only able to utilize one side of their body. The introduction of pip lancets has been very helpful to stroke patients since the lancets do not require needle loading or needle removal.  Thus, a stroke patient can easily monitor their blood glucose even when their caregivers are not around. 

4. Pip Lancets Prevent Accidental Pricks
Pip lancets are designed for single use only. This prevents the risk of accidental pokes which can lead to infections spreading between the caregiver and the patient. Accidental pokes are also very painful and can create a fear of doing the test again, especially for children and the elderly. Since the needle in pip lancets is fully concealed and the testing process is painless, the process becomes easier and the anxiety and fear are greatly reduced.