How do I know when to go to the dentist? Do I need any signs to know that it’s time to see a dentist?
When you start to see the signs we are going to share below, don’t take them lightly. This is especially important if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Your mouth can be the window to your overall health. It’s where food passes through before it reaches the stomach and it can also tell whether there is a serious problem inside. For instance, your mouth can tell whether you are suffering from diabetes or heart disease; however, you must listen to it to know these signs.
In this article, we take a look at the warning signs that tell you its time to see a dentist faster than yesterday.

1. Bleeding Gums
This is when you spit after brushing or flossing.

Bleeding gums can be a result of many things. If you brush aggressively, you are likely to bleed or if you stay for too long without flossing. But when this symptom persists, you should seek dental advice.

According to Dentists Tulsa, when you spot blood when you spit or when you start bleeding after brushing regularly, it is a depiction of a problem in your body.

Sometimes bleeding gums could mean you are suffering from what we call periodontal disease- this is, basically a gum problem.

2. Toothache 
Although this is something obvious some people will stay put and take over-the-counter drugs to relieve the pain. If you start to feel sensitivity or pains in your teeth, it could be a result of a broken tooth, inflammation caused by a cavity or a damaged filling. And this is true when the pain is excruciating.
Don’t wait until you can no longer hold the pain to seek dental aid.

3. Dry Mouth
A healthy mouth has enough saliva constantly. When your mouth goes dry every time, it means the production of saliva which is needed to wash away food particles and neutralize the acids released by plaque is low.

Lack of saliva can lead to infection and tooth decay. That means if your mouth runs dry most of the time, then you are sick. Your dentist will examine you to know what’s causing the dryness in your mouth and recommend ways to work around it.

4. Loose Tooth
Usually, when you are young, this is understandable, but when you grow older, your teeth need to be rooted in the gums always. If you feel any loose tooth, it means there is something that needs to be examined by a dentist.

Remember that a loose tooth cannot chew anything and when you force it to chew you are damaging other parts in your such as your tooth enamel.

5. Bad Breath
Breathing a bad smell happens to everyone at some point in time but when it is persistent, it can tell if something bad inside your body or in your teeth.

Besides, people with persistent bad breath will always shy away from social events which could lead to social anxiety. Consult your dentist to get solutions to this problem.

Listen to Your Mouth Now!
Which of these signs have or are you seeing now? If any, visit your dentist for a checkup.