You aren’t getting any younger, let’s face that but that doesn’t mean you can’t remain healthy and fit. An aging body may slow senses and reactions but it shouldn’t weaken up the body or make you prone to diseases.

Old age is a time to relax, an age where you can pursue your passion without worrying about household responsibilities but you can’t do all this if you are weak and unhealthy. Here are a few very practical tips that you should follow to cheer up your old life. After all, nobody likes to be a burden on their loved ones.
Regular exercise is important

If you are not involved in some sort of exercise in your teenage, you are likely to encounter diseases let alone the old age. Staying healthy is directly related to exercise and that’s how old-age Hollywood actors and actresses are maintaining their footing in the film industry.

You don’t have to involve in HIIT training or heavy workouts but some sort of light regimes like yoga, jogging, and aerobics. Joints would turn stiff and bones would lose their strength if they are not jolted and light exercises are the best way to keep them awake.

Consume healthy food
Exercise would do little good if you are not taking in a good diet. As you age, you should focus on eating natural and healthy food because the digestive system isn’t strong enough to handle all sorts of tricky food.
Be committed to consuming a low-fat, low-sugar diet, more vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Avoid junk food as much as you can although you are allowed a cheat day after every month or so. Studies have proved that this sort of diet can help with a reduction in the occurrence of common diseases like high blood pressure, heart attacks, obesity and Parkinson’s.

Make a habit of cycling
There was a reason we didn’t discuss cycling in the exercise portion; that’s because it deserves special recognition. Cycling preserves the muscles and improves cholesterol levels. While running and jogging can be a bit harsh on old joints, cycling offers a light-impact but high-value aerobic exercise for the joints.

Specially designed adult tricycles are even better if seniors find it difficult to balance a normal cycle. They provide cushioning to the backbone and provides a riding posture that doesn’t pressurize the spine. Cycling engages the muscles and the circular movement of the legs ensures that nutrients are supplied evenly to the cartilages which prevent arthritis.

It builds stamina and improves mental health as it reduces the rate at which white and gray matter of the brain diminishes.

Quit smoking
If you are involved in this hideous habit, don’t just continue it by saying it’s useless to quit now. The body starts healing after 20 minutes of your last cigarette and that’s probably the first inspiration for you to quit this habit.

Smoking causes lung and gum cancer and heart disease, therefore, quitting it will not only let you live longer but also let you live a healthier life in your senior years instead of excessive coughing and taking sour medications.

Remain in a company
Solitude may be acceptable at a young age but not in the latter part of your life. Having no friends or someone to look up to makes you fall in the deep ditches of depression, retraction from where is arduous.
It is medically proven that people who are lonely die sooner than those who have friends and family around them. Lonely seniors find difficulty is executing daily tasks like eating, bathing, and sleeping.

Even if you have no family nearby, you can join different social centers or start spending more time with children. It is also the best age to give something back to society. You can always teach unprivileged children living on the street. Who knows, basic English language lessons to them can earn them employment opportunities in the future.

Involve yourself in tree plantation campaigns and other social work like feeding the poor and helping those that are disabled. Physically impaired individuals would be inspired if you help them at such age and this can increase their chances of a speedy recovery.

Old age is not meant to be boring and emotionless. Live to the fullest and enjoy life till the very last breath of yours.