A lot of things are now done digitally. With the continuous advancement of technology, it's not very surprising to find that several things can now be done online. This includes communication, news updates, research, and medical consultation. Some people might be a little bit doubtful about consulting a doctor online through online medical websites, but there is a growing number of people who are opting to rely on it because of some benefits it has on patients. Due to that, here are some reasons why people prefer online doctor consultation.

1. Digitally-Stored Medical History

When you go to a regular or traditional clinic or hospital, you will almost always have to fill out a form asking for your personal information. With online doctor consultation, you won't have to. All your information is stored digitally. If you need another meeting, the online doctor can just easily refer to your information previously input, which makes the whole process easier and faster. As for security, most of the reputable online medical consultation websites such as DoctorSpring.com and HealthTap have very tight protection against anything that might try to access your medical information or breach your doctor-patient confidentiality, so there's no need to worry.

2. Fast Medical Attention

Going to the doctor takes time. The worst part is when you get there and still have to wait for a longer time because of the queue. You will be exhausted before you get the medical attention you're looking for. This waiting game is a cause of stress, and stress for anybody sick is never a good thing. This is why a lot of people opt to look for medical consultations online. They get answers and solutions for their medical condition in a faster way.

3. Cost-Effective

Online medical consultations are not free; in fact, reputable medical consultation sites ask for a specific fee or membership. This is because all these doctors you are getting consultation from are board certified, which means that they, too, have a doctor's fee. Having said that, the amount you need to pay for is still considerably lower than the one you'll let go in traditional clinics and hospitals. Moreover, you'll have to consider the money you can save from the commute and food when you step outside to go to the doctor.

4. More Accessible Second Opinion

There will be times when you will need or want to have a second opinion, but the thing is, getting a second opinion takes time as you will have to set up an appointment with another doctor yet again. With online medical consultation, you may have that second opinion that same day. Evene reputed medical institutes such as Johns Hopkins offer such services.

5. Time-Saver

Another reason why people opt to have an online medical consultation is that it saves time. If you combine the time you will save from the commute, the queue, and filling out forms; you will have at least one whole day to dedicate to something else.

6. Accessible from Home

When you are very sick, even going to the doctor would seem impossible. Most of the time, you want to lie down on the bed and rest up until you're feeling better, but they need to consult the doctor would force you to stand up. For people who are feeling too bad to get up, online medical consultation is the answer. All they'll need is a device and an Internet connection, and they can have the consultation they need.

7. No Location Limitation

Online medical consultation is not only accessible from home; it's available almost anywhere. Should it happen that you are too far to get yourself or your loved one to a clinic or hospital, you can still have that professional advice. 

8. No Time Boundaries
Just like with location, time is not an issue, either. Yes, in emergencies, hospitals are available, but sometimes, you want to get a proper diagnosis for the little sickness you're feeling. The problem is you can't do that 24/7 with traditional clinics and hospitals as most of them follow regular office hours. However, if you consult online, you can do so anytime you'd like.

9. Improves Self-Diagnosis Skill

Sometimes, self-diagnosis is helpful. When people consult online, they also get to understand more about what they're feeling, and the actions needed to be taken, prompting them to gain more knowledge in the medical field and help themselves the next time something similar occurs.

10. Faster and More Accessible Prescription

Because online medical consultation does not have a place or time boundaries, getting a prescription is also more comfortable. There are times when patients can't buy the medicine they need because they lost their prescriptions. If they can get online medical consultation, they can also get the prescription for their medication quickly and easily.


Convenience is the main reason why people are opting to consult online doctors. However, keep in mind that just like anything else, this has pros and cons. If you feel like you will need to be checked physically, it might be a wiser choice to go to clinics and hospitals where they can examine you more thoroughly.