Have you been suffering from back pain and joint complications of late? Do you always rush for an over the counter painkiller for relief? Well, one thing you should know is that putting too many painkillers into your system is unhealthy and can actually cause serious complications such as kidney disease, stomach bleeding, and liver damage. Throw away those pills and instead embrace a healthier alternative to back pain treatment known as the inversion therapy. 

According to reports, inversion therapy can reduce the need for spinal surgery and even prevent the disability that arises from back problems. One of the best and highly rated inversion tables in the market today is the Teeter Hang-Ups. Check out flexmastergeneral.com and find out the top five buying options if you intend to buy from Amazon. 

What Is a Teeter Hang Up and Does It Cure Back Pain? 
As the name suggests, a teeter hang-up is a machine that places your body in a hanged up but inverted position. Teeter hang-ups are a modern improvement of the inversion table and they are specially designed to alleviate pain in the back and core muscles. 

You can also use a teeter hang up to keep fit by engaging in several exercises such as pull-ups and stretching exercises. You can invest in a teeter hang up for your home gym since it is very effective when it comes to performance. 

However, inversion therapy is not safe for everyone. Since the upside-down posture increases your blood pressure and lowers your heart rate, this form of therapy is not recommended for individuals suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, spinal injuries, and cerebral sclerosis. If you are pregnant you should also avoid this type of treatment. 

On this teeter hang up review, let’s look at a few key features of the Teeters that are currently available on Amazon. 

1. Comfort
Teeter hang ups are specially designed with your comfort in mind. The padded ankle cuffs, the hand grips, and the specially contoured bed all work together to enable you to stretch comfortably from different directions.  

2. Control
You will love the control the teeter hang ups table gives you as you hang upside down to stretch your tendons. Since it has a precision rotation system, you can easily return to an upright position by making simple arm movements or by adjusting your body weight. 

3. Materials
Modern-day teeter hang-ups are made using heavy-gauge steel which makes them very durable. They also come loaded with security features such as locking hinges, durable pivot bearings and cam locks for extra safety. 

4. Warranty
Teeter offers a full five years warranty and if you purchase from Amazon you stand a chance of locking in free shipping.

Final word
There are several models of Teeter hang-ups to choose from today and your ultimate decision will be based on your budget, features and the results you are looking to achieve. Before you purchase your Teeter hang up be sure to consult with your doctor and find out if this form of therapy is the best for your back issue.