Massage therapy is one of the most effective methods of treating plantar fasciitis for the feet. It is especially useful for flat feet. Plantar fasciitis pain is especially common for athletes since they strain their feet a lot. Deep tissue massage therapy helps release tension in the foot, enabling faster recovery from grief. Deep tissue massage can be used on the feet, reducing plantar fasciitis pain and preventing future complications. There are several massage techniques you can apply, which will help ease your pain.

1. Rubbing
Rubbing is useful for both the foot and the calves. For the foot, the massages should start slowly and lightly, progressing into deeper longer motions. They should start from the heel to the toes. For calves, the same slow and light massages should be done, from the heel to the top of the calf, progressing into a deeper stroke. The strokes should happen in several reps to loosen the tissue, enhancing healing in time.

2. To and fro foot pressure
Apply pressure from the sole to the toes, starting with light massage strokes. Repeat the movements for several minutes, ensuring you pay attention to the toes also. For the calves, do the same, starting from the Achilles to the calf muscles. Repeat the stroking motions, this time in the opposite direction. The to and fro motion will help stretch the heel and calf muscles relieving tension and pain.

3. Massage balls and rollers
These are some of the most widely used remedies for plantar fasciitis. Finding the appropriate foot massager for plantar fasciitis depends on the preference of the user, and the level of pain. These massage balls, like lacrosse balls, ease tension at the bottom of the foot. These balls are simple to use, since all you do is lean your body weight to the foot and move it in a rolling motion from the heel to toe, and vice versa. For even better results, many use rollers that work similarly to massage balls, but which can incorporate heat or cold, depending on preference. Cold massages help ease inflammation and relax muscles, enabling faster healing. In the absence of conventional massage balls or rollers, you can create a DIY roller using a water bottle, which serves the same purpose.

4. Toe flexing
Toe flexing is the most straightforward massage technique to ease plantar fasciitis pain. For this technique, you just bend the toes backward, gently, then pull them back straight. Toe flexing works best when used alongside the rubbing massage technique.

5. Electric massages
Electric foot massagers pass an electrical current through the foot tissue, creating therapeutic relief to the stressed tissue and muscles. The electrical massagers inhibit sensors of the nervous system, relieving intense pain. Electrical massagers are also more accurate, as they can get utilized in the aching areas with pin-point precision. However, it is essential to note that relief from electric massagers is short term and is therefore not adequate for complete pain relief. Some electric massagers may also be less cost-friendly to potential users; thus, they prefer any of the other options.