Stress is a common reaction to many of life’s situations. People handle stress very differently, and while a small amount of pressure and stress in life can actually be seen as a positive towards achieving goals and feeling the urge to get things done, too much stress can significantly impact your wellbeing and health. 

Indicators of Stress 
Memory problems 
Feeling a tightness in the chest 
Inability to sleep 
Trouble focusing
Feeling overwhelmed 
Aches and pains in the body 

How to Tackle Stress

1. Don’t Take on Too Much 
You always have control over what you say no to in life and the amount of responsibility you take on. If everything is getting a little too much, whether this be work or in your personal life, take a step back and say no when you need to. If you need time to relax, say no to a social occasion. If you’re too busy at work, say no to extra overtime or responsibilities, or speak to your boss. 

2. Find Your Outlet
You should have your own method for achieving stress-relief. If you have no outlet for the mounting pressure, it’s going to become overwhelming. Think about finding a fitness routine that you can use the adrenaline for, or try relaxing practices at home — anything which helps to pacify the buildup of stress.

3. Implement Soothing Solutions 
You may be able to find natural remedies which help your mind and body to be more relaxed. This could be essential oils which you can use at home in a diffuser or in your bath water, it could be scented candles or herbal teas, or it might be natural CBD solutions from which could help you to feel more relaxed.

4. Talk About It
For the most part, you should always try not to dwell on a stressful situation and escalate it. For example, if you’ve had an extremely stressful day at work, it’s probably not a good idea to then come home and complain about it all evening, as this could make you more stressed. 

However, speaking openly about troubles or about situations which are causing you to feel stressed can be very helpful, especially if they are situations where you need advice. Finding a solution to problems or situations by talking them through may help to alleviate stress and have you feeling more positive about a certain situation. 

5. Make Big Changes 
If the origin of your stress is something significantly more than just a bad day or small annoyances, then big steps need to be taken. If your career or a lifestyle aspect is causing severe stress on a daily basis with no hope for improvement, then you need to make a decision on what is best for you. 

A stressful job which is making your miserable is of no benefit, so you may want to take steps to search for a new job or speak to a superior about how to improve the situation. 

If there is anything in your personal life that is causing great stress, see what you can do to eliminate it.