Raw honey has a history of healing wounds and other infections. The best natural products cannot be mentioned without bringing honey into the equation. Apart from honey, there are other highly effective natural antibiotics. If you want to see other a list of other natural antibiotics, BHTNews.com  has your back.

Most hospitals use honey to treat chronic wounds. Unpasteurized or raw honey tends to be the best unlike pasteurized honey available in most grocery stores. According to the records, honey is actually a traditionally used antibiotic. It was so famous among the Egyptians before other nations discovered the unmatched health benefits of honey. In Egypt honey was used for protecting the skin and as a natural antibiotic.

What you need to know about Honey as a Natural Antibiotic
Honey contains hydrogen peroxide. This is an active ingredient in honey that enhances antibacterial properties in honey. Besides, it contains high contents of sugar. Therefore it combats the growth of specific bacteria.

Furthermore, honey features low Ph. levels. This property enables it to absorb moisture from bacteria. That way, the bacteria get dehydrated and eventually die.

You can use honey as a natural antibiotic by applying it to your wound directly or the infected part. This is because honey has properties to kill bacteria hence speeding up the healing process. The best honey as aforementioned is raw honey. Raw honey offers maximum health benefits.

Besides, you can ingest honey as it facilitates the healing of internal infections. Take a whole tablespoon or put it inside a cup of warm herbal tea. Stir it until it's completely dissolved and then sip your tea until it's finished.

Additionally, honey has no negative effects if applied directly on the skin or if it comes into contact with the body. However, honey isn't ideal for infants who are below one year. If an infant has wounds, consult your doctor so that he gives you better alternatives.

Other Amazing Features of Honey as a Natural Antibiotic

Have Antioxidants 
Top-quality honey has important antioxidants including phenolic compounds such as flavonoids and organic acids. It's a combination of compounds hence the antioxidant power in honey. According to recent studies, honey improves the value of blood thanks to its antioxidants properties. Also, antioxidants lower the risk of cardiovascular illness such as stroke or heart attack. Besides, honey improves eye health.

Lowers blood pressure
Different natural antibiotics have the ability to lower blood pressure. Visit BHTnews.com for more information. In addition to healing wounds, honey can reduce blood pressure. This is because of its antioxidants compounds.

Honey improves cholesterol levels 
Having high LDL cholesterol levels triggers heart diseases. Such cholesterol causes atherosclerosis. This is the build-up of fat around the arteries hence leading to strokes or heart attacks. Several studies have proved that honey improves cholesterol levels. In other words, honey lowers the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Again, it raises good 'HDL' cholesterol.

Finally, natural antibiotics may be all you need to enjoy maximum health benefits. If you are seeking for effective natural antibiotics, raw honey should come first.