Because of modernization, our lifestyle has become easier. We can order junk food, talk to anyone, know about anything, can shop, etc. by just one click. On the one hand, all of this has made our life easier, but on the other hand, it has also made our lifestyle unhealthy.  

Lack of sleep due to work, unhealthy eating habits, an increase in stress, etc. are some of the reasons why people are getting more prone to chronic diseases like cancer, heart diseases, and other stress-related issues. Studies have shown that cardiovascular diseases were one of the most common reasons for death in India in 2019. 

It is true that with proper diet, regular exercise, and living a healthy lifestyle, you can keep these chronic diseases at bay. But sometimes it can be hereditary or depend on other factors. And you must know healthcare costs in India have skyrocketed over the past few years. Especially, the treatment of chronic diseases is very expensive in your country. Even if you are insured with a regular health insurance plan, it won’t provide you coverage for such ailments. So, what to do now? 

Well, no worries you can buy a critical illness insurance policy from reputable insurers. Let’s dig deep into it: 

What Is A Critical illness insurance policy?

You should buy a critical illness insurance policy as it is completely different from your regular health plan. In this type of policy, you will get a lump-sum amount, in case you acquire any of the critical illnesses like heart disease or cancer. Now, you will ask how it is different from your regular health plan. Well, in your regular health insurance plan, your insurer will only provide you coverage for medical expenses incurred during the treatment. Whereas, in a critical illness plan, you will get the entire sum assured if you are diagnosed with a critical illness. And this sum assured will not depend on the expenses incurred by you. 

The critical illness plan provides coverage for several diseases. These ailments may differ from insurer to insurer. However, some of the most common critical ailments that you can get coverage under this plan are cancer, paralysis, kidney failure, cardiovascular diseases, major organ transplant, etc. The coverage generally starts from Rs 1,00,000/-, but it depends on the requirement of the policyholder. 

You may think that, is it necessary for you to opt for a critical illness plan when you have already bought health insurance online. We have explained it below

Well, yes, even if you are insured with a health insurance plan, it is still recommended to buy a critical illness insurance policy. You can buy the plan, or you can choose it as an additional rider on your current health insurance plan. All in all, you want to safeguard yourself and your family financially in case of a medical emergency. If you are 40 or above, you should certainly opt for a critical illness plan, but buying it at a young age is still advisable as you have to pay a lower premium. 

Research thoroughly before you opt for a critical illness plan and buy a critical illness insurance policy today either as a separate plan or as a rider.