The current market of cannabis might be inundated with a long list of products, but still, the most popular form of consuming any cannabis is through smoking. Whenever anyone talks about cannabis, the first thing that pops up in mind is rolling papers, a fat joint, and a lot of smoke. 

But do you know that the quality of weed can degrade from the heat? In addition to this, even the air can have a significant effect on the quality of weed. So, if you are a regular weed user and not aware of these facts, then you have come to the right place. 

In this blog post, we will discuss how air and heat affect the quality of weed.

The studies and effects 

There was research conducted at the Swedish National Forensic Centre to understand the physical and chemical behavior of weed when stored for a long time. In these tests, the weed was stored for almost 48 months under different conditions. 

During this study, it was found that the weed that was kept at room temperature and was exposed to air lost THC by almost 74%, while on the other hand, the weed stored in airtight containers lost only a tiny amount of THC. 

This study proved that air and temperature could significantly affect the quality of weed since it directly affects the THC level. So, if the next time you store cannabis, make sure it is not exposed to air. 

Like all other vegetative matter, cannabis is also vulnerable to oxidation, which is the main reason why the cannabis that was exposed to air showed a significant loss in the amount of THC. 

Concentrate vs. flower 

There is nothing like an ideal storage condition since none of the weeds in the market is alike. Concentrates are obtained from living plant matter, so they are not so vulnerable to conditions like molds. However, even concentrates can lose their quality and level of THC when exposed to heat and air. 

In the case of half quarter dried buds, moisture is the biggest concern, but the control over air mass is always going to be high. All the dried buds must be stored at a cooler temperature, and this is necessary because dried buds don’t have better breathability. 

What is the lifespan of concentrates?

You can’t follow a simple standard procedure for safely storing cannabis, but there are a few environmental conditions that you can always consider for better results. It is always the consistency of the concentrates that will play a key role in how it should be stored. 

While using concentrates, you can always follow a similar storage strategy since the storage conditions of different concentrates don’t vary much. It would help if you always chose a cool, dry, and dark place for storing concentrates as in such conditions, a good quality concentrate can last for many years. 

In cool, dry, and dark places, concentrates don’t lose their quality, and therefore, you can enjoy the effects of half quarter concentrates even after a whole year of storage. But if you are not sure about the ideal storage condition, you can always get some advice from the weed seller as they store weed in an ideal condition. 

The way you store cannabis can have a huge effect on its quality, and therefore, you shouldn’t just roll a joint and throw away the packet of weed on the sofa or leave it on the roof. Always choose the ideal storage condition for enjoying the effects of half quarter weed for a more extended period.