Many of us are just now awakening to the poor health patterns we have developed over time exacerbated by big pharma remedies designed to make lifetime customers out of us. We have trusted government entities, our physicians, and studies conducted by esteemed university scholars that never taught us to prevent sickness, only that sickness could be treated with petroleum-based medications.

Those of us awakening to big pharma’s nefarious goals understand that we have been eating, drinking, and breathing toxins all throughout our lives; toxins that build up and shut down vital organs intended to clean our systems to prevent disease. While we cannot turn back the clock, we can work towards purifying our bodies of these deadly toxins through a detoxification program.

But you cannot keep taking in these toxins with the expectation that a cleanse solves all your problems. You need to change what you are consuming to avoid the hidden poisons causing you problems to begin with.

Some of the hidden culprits include:
All your life, you have been taught that fluoride protects your teeth from cavities. Dentists even offer long-lasting fluoride treatments following your regular cleaning. The truth of the matter is there has never been any benefit proven by using fluoride. In fact, we can show proof of harm caused by fluoride, namely Alzheimer’s disease, pineal gland toxification, and cancer. The solution is simple. Stop using fluoride-infused products and buy natural alternatives.
You will even find cancer-causing ingredients in shampoo and conditioner products, sunscreen, and other personal care items you have been told protect you from harm.
Unfortunately, organic foods are unaffordable for many, and only organic produce is free of poisonous insecticides found in the produce section. Even some “healthy” food products contain mysterious ingredients that are bad for your health. 
Unless your meat packaging indicates it is hormone free, you are consuming hormones every time you eat it. 
Artificial food coloring and dyes are hidden in many of the foods we eat and can cause neurological disorders.
GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are in everything we eat. Seeds that were genetically altered to avoid using pesticides have been shown to cause cancer.
A recent article revealed the presence of Styrofoam in MacDonald’s French fries, used to provide texture. Imagine, all along we wondered why their fries were better than Burger King’s. 

Sadly, this list represents just a small sample of the bad things we ingest. We could have another long discussion about the life-threatening side effects of medications doctors regularly prescribe us.

If only our society would teach us how to eat for better health than train us to seek out medical treatments after we feel sick, we would all live longer, healthier lives and avoid many unnecessary ailments. But only with truth can people make an educated decision about their health. We need to see greater transparency in the health community and in our government. When we are presented with the truth, most of us will choose a path that leads to better health and happiness.