Are you planning to go for Tummy Tuck? Do you become apprehensive due to the myths associated with Tummy Tuck? Well, we will discuss some of the myths here so that you can go for this procedure with a clear bent of mind.

Myth 1: Numbness of Abdomen Will Last
When we talk about plastic surgery, then a patient who lacks medical knowledge tends to become apprehensive because of his or her ignorance — one of the myths that most people believe is that Tummy Tuck will numb their abdomen for all times to come.

Now, the truth is that there is no reality in this myth. The surgeon will cut through the nerves of your belly when performing Tummy Tuck. As a result, you will experience localized numbness for some time. What you need to know is that the numbness is temporary. Once your nerves get repaired, then the numbness will vanish away.

Myth 2: Liposuction Combined with Tummy Tuck Is Painful
There are times when the surgeon feels the need to combine Liposuction with Tummy Tuck. However, some patients are apprehensive that the combination of these two procedures will be painful. You need to reassure yourself that both the processes do cause some discomfort, but will not leave you motionless.

The reason that your surgeon may combine the two procedures is to achieve improved results. What you need to know is that in some cases, you may need to go for Liposuction along with Tummy Tuck, and in some cases, you may not require both the processes.

For example, if there are some areas of fat deposits that you will like to address, then you will need to go for Liposuction also. If you want to sculpt your waistline alone, then Tummy Tuck process is enough.

Myth 3: Tummy Tuck Promotes Weight Loss
Before opting for any procedure, you need to get the facts straight. The primary objective of Tummy Tuck is to improve your abdomen’s appearance, and this process does not focus on weight loss.

Myth 4:  Tummy Tuck Is Only for Women
Well, there is yet another misconception in the minds of most people out there. The general perception is that Tummy Tuck is only for women. It is not true by any means at all. Men also experience dropping stomach skin, especially after weight loss. 

Myth 5: Age Is A Big Hurdle
Some people believe that age may become a hindrance in the Tummy Tuck process, but that is not the case as well. The biggest misconception that most aged individuals have is that they can only opt for a facelift.

The reality is that the Tummy Tuck process brings results for people in the age group of 50 to 60 as well.

The best approach is to consult the top Tummy Tuck Mississauga facilities. They will make sure that they bust all the myths by presenting the real facts about the procedure. When you know the facts, then you can opt for the Tummy Tuck process with confidence and without any doubts at all.