Health is wealth, and there is increasing awareness in people to stay healthy. Today, most of our work is centred on computers that have reduced daily activity level. The sedentary lifestyle has been the cause of several lifestyle diseases. 

A fitness tracker is a wearable device that can track your activity and provides you with essential details about your lifestyle. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, a fitness tracker will work wonders for you. To make things easy for you, here is a buying guide that will help you choose the right fitness tracker.

Bright Colours and Good Design 

No one would like to wear a device on the wrist that looks ugly. Hence, the visual appeal of the fitness band is an important aspect. Models like the HUAWEI Band 4 Pro are available in various colours. The fitness band should have a chic look and should help you make a style statement. 

Operating System Compatibility 

Though fitness bands are independent devices, they are designed to work with smartphones. OS compatibility is an essential factor to consider as Android OS's fitness bands will not work with iPhone and vice versa. 

Fitness Functionalities 

The fitness tracker is an independent device that comes with essential fitness functionalities.  Some of the essential fitness functionalities it needs to have- 

Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate is useful to determine the fitness level of an individual. By monitoring heart rate while exercising, you can reduce the risk of overtraining that can cause mental fatigue or injury. According to health experts, you need to track heart rate in a relaxed state and while exercising.

The heart rate of a healthy person is around 60 beats per minute. If your heart rate is below 60 beats per minute or above 100 beats per minute, you need to visit a doctor. The brands like the HUAWEI Band 4 Pro keeps you updated about heart rate all the time. It ensures you do not overtrain, which can increase your heart rate to dangerous levels.  The heart rate monitor sends vibration alerts when your heart rate exceeds normal levels. 

GPS Tracker

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you would like to track your runs. A fitness band with a GPS feature will help measure biking dis HUAWEI Band 4 Pro tances, hiking, running, and other outdoor activities. The GPS features will help you know the distance you travelled in a day. 

Sleep Tracking  

Adequate sleep is vital for good health. However, oversleeping makes you lazy.  Without an intelligent device, it can be hard to analyse your sleep patterns and their health effects. The fitness band should have a sleep monitoring feature that monitors you with invisible light while you are asleep.  

The sleep tracking feature can track how much time you spend "napping."  The device will also estimate your sleeping efficiency, which is the actual time you sleep in your bed. 

Activity Tracker 

Health is the most crucial factor in human life. A large number of people have a sedentary lifestyle that causes many health problems. Doctors suggest people increase their daily activity to maintain good health. 

The GPS tracker may not work well inside buildings. Hence, fitness bands feature an activity tracker that can keep track of all activities during the day and night.  The activity tracker can track indoor and outdoor run, indoor and outdoor cycling, free training, indoor and outdoor walk, Rower and Elliptical modes, and Open water/pool swimming. 

The activity tracker can provide you with professional data about your activity level and help trainers design customised fitness programs to meet your health goals. 

Oxygen Saturation Detection 

According to health experts, the oxygen level (SPO2) in the bloodstream should be between 88 and 92 per cent. If the oxygen level falls below the required levels, you can faint. The fitness tracker tracks your oxygen levels in the bloodstream at all times. If it detects SPO2 level decreasing, it will send alerts, and you need to visit the doctor at the earliest. 

Sync Data with Apps/Devices

The fitness tracker is embedded with tracking and monitoring components that record and store your activity data. In the technology-driven world, the data is like a gold mine that can be used for analysis and draw meaningful conclusions. 

The fitness band should have a feature to sync data with fitness apps where health experts can analyse data and give recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. 

Besides delivering phone messages on the screen, the fitness band helps keep a tab on health. The buying guide focuses on different factors that you should consider while buying a fitness band and choosing the right one.