For many athletes, effective training and conditioning are two essential factors that influence level of performance on the field, court, track, or wherever it may be. However, some people may not have access to the fancy equipment that various facilities provide, but still need to keep up their everyday routines. While gym memberships and high-quality machines are always a plus, there are still some basic movement exercises that can be put to practice right at home with no supplies needed.

While you may not have access to extensive gym supplies, a set of weights and a medicine ball are two inexpensive items that can serve you well in many home exercise routines 

Let’s take a look at some of the best home exercises that cater to some practice of some popular sports.

For football players, the best options are push-ups, chair dips, leg squats, and lunges. In fact, even the pros have found ways to get creative at home. It’s no surprise that the Texas Longhorns are currently featured in the top college football betting odds this season, as their key linebacker Cort Jaquess is figuring out ways to keep in shape and perform to the best of his ability by bringing the weight room home. He recently constructed his own dumbbells and barbells using old buckets filled with cement, posting on his twitter page “No weight room, no problem.”

The bottom line is this: whether you’re a pro footballer or just starting out, strength training at home is more than feasible with a bit of imagination.

For long and short distance runners specifically, lower body exercises are ideal. Routines that involve lunges, squats, and wall sits are great for strengthening muscles that promote effective running. Try out different types of lunges, like the skater or alternate sprint lunge, that will burn extra calories and work on your endurance. Walking lunges are also ideal for controlling the body’s momentum. The great thing about these exercises is that they require no prep or materials, just a body that is willing.

Tennis players need power for their shots, and power comes from strength. That’s why at-home strength training is great for athletes of this sport. Some of the best activities include straight-arm rowing, dips, chest presses, and push-ups. Most professional tennis players train for at least four hours a day, but getting in a few box jumps or medicine-ball drills is a great place to begin.

Some of the best basketball-inspired workouts include those that combine endurance and technique - two major components of the game. At home you can accomplish this with lateral lunges, glute bridges, jumping rope, push-ups, and pull-ups just to name a few. Of course, if you have a court nearby, set up a friendly game of pickup and get your workout on with the real thing.
So, what are you waiting for? Start moving your body today from wherever you are, with whatever you have, and maybe even invite a friend to join in on the fun, keeping you motivated and on track in the process.

Even if you don’t practice a particular sport, incorporating a stretching routine into your daily schedule can be great for overall health