Everybody wants to get, and stay, in shape. Sadly, it’s easier said than done. The demands of everyday life can quickly outweigh any desire to hit the gym, and many people simply just give up.

However, like a lot of things in life, there are some simple, quick, hassle-free things you could be doing to achieve your goals. Summer 2016 is approaching, and it’s this time of year that’s the prime time for improving your overall health and fitness.

So, if you’re off on holiday this summer and want to look a little slimmer, look no further. This article will provide you with four quick tips that can drastically improve your shape in the long run.

Ditch the high-calorie snacks

Unhealthy snacking is usually the number one dietary problem people have. It can be so tempting to grab that packet of biscuits, and it’s this temptation that’s holding you back! Hide all those high-calorie snacks or better yet, don’t bother buying them in the first place. You’ll regret it!

Don’t do it...

A better idea is to replace unhealthy snacks with fruit and vegetable smoothies. Pick your favourite combo - apples and bananas, carrots and beetroot - and blend with some water. In seconds, you could have a dozen servings of a nutritious, filling smoothie, that can act as your snacks for a whole week.


Sometimes, we all just need a little help. The best thing about this day and age is that help comes in a wide variety of forms. You can supplement your diet with a wide variety of magical potions that will increase the likelihood of you using weight.

Fat burners work fast, are inexpensive, and can give you the results you seek in days. Combined with a killer workout routine and diet, you’ll have achieved that beach bod before you can say ‘liposuction.’

Protein powder is also a great way to rebuild your muscles after a workout, helping to tone your abs in the process. Just remember, supplements are just that - supplements. They shouldn’t replace a balanced diet.


Everybody has that favourite tune of theirs. Whatever yours is, use it! Studies have shown that music actually makes people want to exercise harder than usual.

Use those tunes!

So if you usually jog with no headphones or gym with no speakers, consider an upgrade. It could provide the intensity boost you so desperately seek.

Compound movements

A compound exercise is a movement that uses multiple muscles and joints in one go. For example, when performing a squat, you’re using your glutes, hamstrings and quads. This results in a much higher intensity that an isolation exercise, because your body will be working a lot harder.

When you’re in the gym, place a bigger emphasis on multiple-joint movements. It can help you burn more fat and tone up more than one muscle all in one go. Also, it can help you shorten workout time, so you’ll be free to do other things throughout the day.

If you followed these tips, you’ll be well on your way to that perfectly flat stomach this summer season. Happy exercising, and happy sunbathing! You earned it.