If you're still looking for workout that can lose weight faster and toned your muscle, then you should try boxing. This workout is a powerful mix of strength building punches and feel good punches just like what Gigi Hadid were doing for her Vogue photoshoot. The basic is simple! Here's a list of basic boxing movement which you can even do at home.

#1 - Total Warm-Up
You need to pump your heart by jumping rope for 3 minutes. Jump with feet together for the first minute, going just enough off the ground with the rope goes under your soles. As for the second minute, jump on one foot, alternating between left and right every 15 seconds. Return to feet together for the third minute. You can do this either with a real rope or an imaginary one.

#2 - Upper Cut & Lean Back
This works for the abs and arms. Start with a fighting stance. Lean back and put weight on your back foot. Turn your palm inward with your lead arm. The lead arm is your left arm if you're right handed, vice versa. Make sure your arm is tight to you side and elbow pointed to the ground as you punch up. Rock forward to your front foot as you punch. Do 20 reps with repeat on the other side.

#3 - Hook & Lunges
Lower your position into a lunge with knees bent at a 90-degree angle and front knee over your ankle. Make sure you lead with your dominant foot. The dominant foot is your right foot if you're a right-handed, vice versa. Then, punch as if punching around a barrel with your lead arm. Keep your arm positioned between your chest and chin. Return to standing. 20 reps.

#4 - Jab Cross & Squat
This workout is intended for the legs and arms. Stand with feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Your fists should be below your chin. Drop down into a squat position and throw a jab and then cross.