Elder adults know who Cindy Crawford is, but more importantly how she has maintained a gorgeous body even at age 50. The secret to her beauty regimen includes regular exercise and proper diet, which are keys to a healthy and youthful glow.

Many people have been trying to achieve the stunning looks of celebrities, and one way to do it is to start hitting the road in your running shoes. The health benefits of running are numerous, from shaping up your body to enhancing your emotional and mental well-being.

Running is an effective way to improve overall health, as it does the following:

•    Decreases risk of having high blood pressure, stroke and Type 2 diabetes
•    Strengthens bones, joints and muscles
•    Helps to think more clearly
•    Helps improve skin
•    Makes you happier and lets you cope with stress better
•    Helps to lose weight

The Joy in Being Healthy

Running is the easiest and least expensive way of making yourself healthy. All you need is to dedicate time for running so that you can achieve good results.

Some runners prefer doing their run in the morning prior to work or school, for the reason that they want to warm up for a busy and stressful day. Meanwhile, others may find fun in having late afternoon runs as their form of relaxation.

Workout Must-Haves

Whatever occasion or activity is, you need to be properly dressed to not just fit in but to provide you the best comfort possible. During workouts, you need to wear the most comfortable clothes so that you may be able to freely move and improve your performance. Ideally, a loose shirt and a comfortable pair of shorts or sweat pants will do the trick.

For your shoes, make sure that you use footwear designed for running. Some people ignore the fact that sneakers could not provide enough support and protection during intense physical activity.

In addition, you must always put hydration at the top of your mind. You may bring a bottle of water with you, or choose from the wide range of hydration belts at http://www.runningstats.com/top-12-hydration-belts-runners/. This ensures that you are properly hydrated during your workout.

Achieving the Celebrity Look

You don’t need to go under the knife to achieve the body of a celebrity. Besides, cosmetic surgery requires a significant amount of money that you might not be prepared to shell out.

It’s really no secret that achieving the perfect body is made possible by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating the right kind of food, taking the right amount of food, and making exercise as part of your daily routine.

How To Maintain A Healthy Body

You can’t expect to see changes unless you start making a difference now. Achieving a healthy body will be easier if you focus more on how it can benefit you.

1.    Make exercise part of your everyday activity.
2.    Choose to eat healthier.
3.    Get enough sleep.
4.    Instead of being a slave to TV and mobile gadgets, try doing other activities to make you more alert.
5.    Never skip a meal, most especially breakfast. Starving yourself will not help you lose weight. Depriving your body of nutrients can actually make you eat more than necessary.

More than wanting to have a drop-dead celebrity body, you need to realize the outstanding benefits of what living a healthy lifestyle can do to you. Beauty from the outside may not be the same as the goodness that you feel from within. In short, getting that celebrity appeal starts with a better quality of life.