A trusty pair of glasses can correct your eyesight or make your vision more comfortable. They can also help you enjoy your activities, like reading or working on the computer. There are plenty of stylish reading glasses and polarized sunglasses to help you see sharper and more precisely. 

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Today’s blue light glasses and progressive glasses are also chicer and more modern than ever. Feel fabulous in the perfect eyeglasses for your needs. Whether you are new to eyewear or think it’s time to switch up your current pair, here are a few signs that it’s time to upgrade. 

1. New Vision Changes  

If your vision gets fuzzy or blurry, you could be experiencing changes in your eyesight. A variety of eye conditions can lead to blurred vision. It is also possible you’re having trouble reading words or text because you’re experiencing near vision loss. Also known as presbyopia, symptoms begin in middle age and are a normal part of aging. Seeing an eye doctor can help confirm these types of vision changes. You can also discuss if you need new glasses. 

Any new prescription or vision correction will require new lenses and frames so that you can experiment with a different style. Your ophthalmologist or optometrist can help you decide if you need a pair of readers or require more complex lenses. Besides these common vision issues, any noticeable change in your eyesight could be a sign that your eyewear isn’t working. Consider a new pair if you’re getting frequent eye strain or can’t see objects far away. Other symptoms of recent vision changes include needing brighter light to read books and having weaker eyesight during the evening. 

2. Discomfort Outdoors  

Whether you drive during the day or work outdoors, the bright sun can make it difficult to see clearly. As a result, glare remains one of the most significant safety and comfort issues, as halos and blinding light make road conditions more dangerous. Glare can also prevent you from noticing environmental hazards while causing sensitivity to your eyes. Other common outdoor challenges include light sensitivity and not enough coverage from your sunglasses. 

If you wear sunglasses but struggle to see without straining, it’s probably time for new frames. A pair of quality polarized sunglasses will help cut down on glare and excessive brightness while making your vision appear crisper and clearer. There are a variety of on-trend and flattering styles for men and women, including clear square-shaped sunglasses and polarized aviator sunglasses. Oversized frames are still trendsetting, including angular glasses and those with interesting details like brow bars and gold accents. If you’d like a pair of sunglasses with a prescription, talk to your eye doctor about your options. You can even find eyewear that combines with readers. 

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3. Frequent Headaches 

Headaches occur for many reasons, but there are sure signs they could have to do with your glasses. If you’re experiencing headaches after reading or using a computer, you may need different lenses. A change in prescription or vision needs can make it difficult for your eyes to focus. This can lead to excessive straining of the eyes, which turns into a migraine or a tension headache. 

It’s also possible that you need blue light glasses to prevent eye strain by blocking blue light from digital devices. Pay attention to if your glasses cause headaches when you use your smartphone or tablet. If words or text seem too small, trying to read can cause excessive eye strain. For people with near vision loss, reading glasses can help to alleviate some of the discomfort or pain. 

4. Broken or Scratched Glasses 

Anti-scratch lens coatings can help make your glasses more durable. However, if your lenses get scratched, it may be best to change them. A minor blemish in a far corner of the lens can be a nuisance, but some people can keep their frames. Anything more significant usually requires a new pair of eyewear. 

In the case of broken glasses, you will have signs of damage or an improper fit. An upgrade keeps your look clean and stylish while making you feel more comfortable while wearing your frames. Polycarbonate frames are an example of glasses material that is strong and lightweight. Finding eyewear made for durability will help you avoid broken glasses in the future. Other features to help you protect your upgrades include forgiving spring hinges and acrylic material lenses that are thin and light as a feather. 

5. Outdated Style 

Durable glasses can last for years. They’re especially valuable to you when they’re made with protective features like anti-scratch lenses and strong, lightweight material. If you’ve been wearing the same prescription or style of glasses for a while, it’s possible to get stuck in a style rut, even if you still like your eyewear. 

When your glasses are feeling outdated or they don’t match your clothing, it’s an excellent idea to swap out your current ones for a more modern look. These days, innovations in design and manufacturing make it more affordable than ever to find a pair of glasses that suits your most essential vision needs. You may even be able to pick up more than one type of blue light glasses or readers. Check out your favorite company’s new arrivals or seasonal favorites. You’re sure to find inspiration for a pair you’ll like just as much as your last one.  

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Elevating Your Glasses Style 

Whether you need glasses to assist with vision correction or to protect you from symptoms like headaches or eye strains, there are plenty of fun and inspiring ways to elevate your style. Talk to your eye doctor about your changing vision needs and then shop for the upgrades that fit your style and face shape. You may also be interested in combining features like blue light lenses with reading glasses. Upgrading can be a change, but it will help enhance your eyesight and improve your confidence.