Honda has unveiled a new version of the Civic Type R Concept. As for aesthetics, nothing has changed that much on the styling front, other than the luminous blue paint job.

As for technical specs, while Honda won't confirm how powerful it is, it states that it will produce "more than 280PS" with a redline at 7,000 RPM.

They make bold claims that it will deliver unmatched performance compared to any previous Type R car, including the performance oriented versions of the Integra, Accord and even the NSX.

Suehiro Hasshi, Large Project Leader for the Civic Type R at Honda R&D, commented: “Honda has had four Type R model derivatives – the Civic, Integra, Accord and NSX. The engine in this new Honda Civic Type R is unrivalled against all of them in terms of raw power, torque and engine response.”

"The manual transmission allows the drivers to select the gear they want, for example, down from fifth to third when approaching a corner," explains Hasshi. "The concept of the new Civic Type R is to be the complete driver’s car so this was the best option."

The concept will debut at the Paris Motor Show.