The new Yaris Hybrid R Concept is heading to September's Frankfurt Motor Show, and the study comes with a hybrid powertrain combining a 300hp 1.6 liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline racing engine that complies with the International Automobile Federation rules. It is a front wheeled drive, with a pair of 60hp electric motors from the production Yaris Hybrid.

The two electric motors can generate electricity during the braking phase and complement the petrol engine during the accelerating phases. In road mode, the total power of the two electric motors is reduced to 40hp or maximum duration of 10 seconds per charge. On track mode, the two reach a combined maximum power of 120hp for up to 5 seconds per charge.

The rear electric motors can improve its handling during cornering by altering the distribution of torque between left and right rear wheels, achieving the same effect as an intelligent torque vectoring differential.

There's also a third 60hp electric motor mounted between the engine and the 6 gear sequential transmission and operates as a generator in two different cases - during deceleration to feed the super capacitor and during acceleration to directly power the rear electric motors.

Together, the hybrid powertrain develops a total system output of up to 420 hp.