The VW XL1 is going to be pricey. The automaker has exceeded expectations too, with a report from business weekly WirtschaftsWoche saying that it will have a sticker price of €110,000 ($144,925) in Germany. We can't even begin to wonder just how much this would cost here in KL.

They've already built 50 XL1s, and another 200 are to be produced and delivered next spring. VW says there is a great demand for the car which is a popular item among car collectors and enthusiasts. The automaker says that they don't plan to build more cars, so that exclusivity will remain intact.

“The car is more of a lighthouse than a business model.”

Dubbed the “1 Liter Car”, the VW XL1 has an official combined fuel consumption of 0.9 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km (261 mpg US/310 mpg UK), but one real-life test has revealed the car averages around 1.47 l/100 km (160 mpg US/192 mpg UK).

What do you think? Too expensive?