Montway is a broker designed to connect customers to carriers across the contiguous US. As a broker, Montway has developed a reputation for affordability, doing a job well, and excellent communication with consumers. You can also select a date for pick-up, and they guarantee it will happen. 

Pricing Is Affordable

Consistently one of the most affordable shipping brokers, Montway negotiates shipping prices between you and someone on their auto transport network. With thousands of carriers across the country, Montway transports tens of thousands of cars every year because of their cheap car shipping costs.

The company’s pricing explains why they are so successful. Affordability is one of their tenets to successful auto transport, so you can expect to pay significantly less for your car, SUV, motorcycle, or even your luxury vehicle to be moved. Compare open and enclosed transport—you’ll see that they both tend to be less expensive than their competitors.

Like all shipping companies, the lowest price will be based on total distance, any extra services you request, how many vehicles you’re shipping, the route, and the season. To get an even better deal on their already affordable pricing, you might consider being flexible for pick-up and drop-off, too.

Good Reviews and Industry Ratings

If you check reviews, you’ll see that Montway auto transport reviews have an excellent track record. The Better Business Bureau reflects an A+ rating for Montway, which means they have developed an excellent reputation for resolving issues with customers.

Additionally, reviews reflect positive experiences between customers and the company regarding communication and response time. Delivery timeliness is also mentioned as a positive part of working with the company.

Free Shipping Insurance Coverage

According to their policies, every car qualifies for $100,000 in coverage for damages that occur while your vehicle is in company care. The company automatically provides it without any additional fees. It’s worth noting that personal items inside the car will not be covered, so you need to make sure you clean it out first.

The other thing you need to remember is that you need to give your insurance company a call to let them know you’ll be shipping your car. You may have existing coverage under your insurance policy, or you may need to pay additional premiums for temporary coverage if Montway’s coverage isn’t enough.

Guaranteed Pick-up Times and Dates

With Montway, you can decide when and where you need to have a vehicle picked up, and they ensure a carrier meets you as requested. You will need to pay extra costs to guarantee a time frame, but it is possible. Do keep in mind that you will need to contact the company directly to find out how much your particulars would be. Delivery cannot be guaranteed by a specific date, but you can share it with the company and request it if you have a date.

Can’t Ship Recreational Vehicles or Boats

Montway won’t ship recreational vehicles or personal watercraft. They will send all other standard cars like cars, SUVs, trucks, cargo trucks, and vans. 

There are other caveats to transporting other vehicles, too. Operable vehicles are going to travel at a lower price than those that are inoperable. If your car has to be transported and is not operable, you need to be prepared to pay more. And if you want to haul something that Montway doesn’t work with, you’ll need to find another company to ship your stuff.

A Few Final Thoughts on Montway

Montway is a broker, which means they are responsible for coordinating your shipment using their massive carrier network. Because of how they do their job, it makes it easy to find a carrier to ship a vehicle as requested. Affordability is a significant factor in deciding to go with Montway. Additionally, the existing positive reviews keep the company in good standing with consumers. Free shipping insurance is a plus that is hard to beat. Since you can guarantee a pick-up time, that adds to making the entire process easier for you. 

The only thing that could stop you from choosing Montway would be the type of vehicle you want to ship. Once you make a final decision, you’re set to ship your car, knowing it will be in good hands.